It’s just so easy! Another thrift store lamp makeover

I’ll admit it, I think I have a problem.  Every time I walk into a thrift store I see a million lamps that I want to take home and fix up.  I should open my own lamp store at the rate I am going.  I plan to give some of my fixed up lamps to my brother since he just bought a house.  (I’m using that excuse so that it doesn’t look like I’m a hoarder.)

Anyway, I just want to show you how SIMPLE it is to turn an ugly lamp into a beauty. Tip number 1:  NEVER judge a lamp by it’s color, just it’s shape.  Here are two beauties I picked up.

    FOR 4.00 EACH
thrit store lamps 002

I also picked up these shades (they were pretty smudgy) for $2.00

                                                           YEP THAT IS $1.00 a piece!

lamp shade blog

All I did was take a metal primer and a fun textured paint , here is the simple process.

thrit store lamps 004

I even loved the lamps white! (that was the metal primer)

thrit store lamps 005

The lamp shades I spray painted a gold color.  It worked better than I could have hoped for.  It covered all the dirty smudges and went from a fairly stark linen white to a nice taupe.  (Love it when things go my way!)

thrit store lamps 015 copy

Isn’t this finish pretty?  I spray painted them my moonlight copper and once they dried I  lightly dry brushed a gold paint over the lamp. 

thrit store lamps 019

Here it is in my first house :-)

thrit store lamps 022

And here they are in my NEW HOME!  I made that textured art above my bed from a thrift store piece too!

Now who wants to run out to the thrift store and get them some lamps!  

This is project #183 in YHL newest book! and linking to their Thrift Store Party



  1. great makeover, they turned out beautiful!

  2. What did you use to spray the shade with? I have lampshades that desperately need a face lift.. (visiting from thrifty decor chick)

  3. Reply@Megan: well I just used a spray paint (I think it may have been caramel latte BUT it's tricky, you really have to spray evenly or when you turn ON the light it really looks spray painted. So if you do spray a shade, just be sure to do it all very even or just the edges etc. Play around w turning on the light to see how it will look with the light on..... Hope that helps!

  4. Yes that helps! I am toying with the idea of dying the shade as well... hmmm

  5. i like that idea too....let me know how it turns out!

  6. I love lamps too! It is so fun to see how different they look when they are painted! Very Pretty!!!!

  7. Well done. Your new lamps look fantastic. I've spray painted a lamp base before, but never the shade. I would have just bought a new one so kudos for spray painting it.

  8. Suzy @ Peach and Peanut2/2/13, 5:44 PM

    I'm HEARTING the large art installment above the bed between the two lamps. Was that homemade or bought somewhere? Absolutely amazing. Great job on the thrift store challenge :-)

    1. Hi Suzy! I should have put a link to that art piece! i bought an old 1970's canvas at ta thrift store than covered it with shells and a mosaic mirror. The entire thing cost me less than 30 bucks :-) here is the link -


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