What to do when your Christmas Present Breaks - the DIY way

I just love pretty breakable things and I just love my little 4 year old but the combination of the two don’t always bode well together……

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I got this beautiful set of glittery red candle holders from a friend for Christmas.  I still had them wrapped up in the box and my daughter decided to move the box off the table to, who knows where, and KABOOM!!  The bottom of the box fell to the ground.  (no, I did not take a picture of this……there is a time and a place for everything folks!) Smile

I – Couldn’t - Believe - It! 

My new gift had all the stems broken and the only thing that kept the top together was that it was a broken mosaic in the first place! 

I was super sweet and understanding  Angel OK, I  was VERY upset.  My daughter said she was sorry and that I could just fix it with glue. That didn’t help me much at all.Baring teeth smile

My mother in law heard about the story and went out to buy me TWO more (the last two) that were left at the store (isn’t she sweet!!)  She tried to have my daughter “buy” them from her (with a few bucks her daddy gave her) to replace the broken gift but when my Mother in Law showed my daughter the new holders she responded, Oh, mom already glued the old ones and they are good now!

That wasn’t the truth just yet…..although I did start to get creative and thought what odd and end piece do I have laying around that I could turn into candle holders.

thrit store lamps 023

I found an old decorative jar of pickled stuff (that was nearly impossible to get the veggies out of the jar!) and a candle holder I picked up for a buck at the thrift store)

I got out my trusty Oil Rubbed Bronze Rustoleum spray paint and painted everything to match. Next I broke off MORE of one of the stems and glued it on the top of the silver holder and the next I shoved in the bottle with glue of the old picked veggie jar.

VOILA – as good as new – right???!!! 

At least a fun and creative solution:-)

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I guess the moral of the story is that if you are a true DIYer you can never throw anything away…..you just have to figure out how to fix it again.

Oh, and it’s never worth getting mad over an accident Smile  I’m still learning…….

~ Creative Juices Decor ~

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  1. What a great fix! They look wonderful!

    I'd love for you to link up and share: http://tutusandteaparties.blogspot.com/2011/12/pinteresting-linky-party-week-nineteen.html


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