Have you ever heard of Honed Granite? Update on the Kitchen

Building a new construction home is quite the journey!  It can be full of challenges.  For me, one of the hardest "choices" was finding the right kitchen counter tops.  I eventually decided on a GRANITE.  

Luckily, I did find ONE granite warehouse that carried what is called a HONED or satin  finish granite. (I guess they have only been installing honed granite in Europe for YEARS, it isn’t highly polished so it’s not shiny, it has a matte finish.)  When I saw it, I turned to the guy helping me and said, “this isn’t granite – is it?”  I thought it must have been limestone or some other exotic tumbled stone that was expensive only because it was not granite….WELL, it was a granite, and it was in my price range!  (a lower B level and they go all the way up to E I think) 

I was so overwhelmed after looking at 1000 slabs of granite but I really felt that was the slab for me so I told my contractor to buy it.

Five months later after choosing it, I finally got to see  it installed! 

I wanted to jump up and down with how perfect it fit in with the house.  PHEW!  Even though I am an interior designer by degree I still have moments where I hold my breath and just hope for a good outcome!

For those wondering about the backsplash I did a BRICK LAID tumbled stone…..I wanted something raw and natural like the granite.  Oh and I did chiseled edging on the granite.  Just another raw and natural touch…..

Enjoy some pictures!!!  If you have any questions about the honed granite just leave me a comment – I’ll try to answer whatever I can! Honed granite, is a granite that is NOT highly polished.  It still can be totally sealed, but it’s not shiny at all.  It has a completely a matte finish.  A few have asked for the name of this granite.  The name of the granite where I purchased it from was Golden Fusion Satin from India. 

*EDIT - I have had people ask me where I got my kitchen sink - yes, I have LOVED having the one open sink instead of the divided ones.

It is still in the building phase so the appliances aren’t all in and it’s all dusty and as you can see area’s need patching! It's always fun with a kitchen renovation to see each part come together. There are so many ideas for kitchen cabinets, counter tops and flooring these days.  The options are limitless!  I can’t wait to show it to you finished and decorated! 

*EDIT - here is my kitchen fully decorated!  Years later, the honed granite countertops are still one of my favorite choices.

Feel free to check out my post on How to Decorate the Top of Your Kitchen Cabinets.

Looking forward to showing you what comes in next!!!

~ CreativeJuicesDecor~


  1. Forget the granite - I'm in love with that sink!!

    The house is coming together beautifully. I can't wait to see a full reveal!

  2. So pretty and I love the sink too!

  3. It is coming together BEAUTIFULLY! I love the granite counter-tops. Some day I WILL replace mine with something similar. You have a great eye, Selina. Everything is fitting together perfectly! And agree with the previous posts - I am green with envy over that amazing sink!

  4. Oh, you are going to love the granite! I just got my kitchen counters updated from tile to granite a few months ago, & I love it! Mine are polished, because I really like the shiny-look & how the light reflects off of it. Can't wait to see how everything looks together.

  5. Granite is certainly one of the most preferred sorts of kitchen counter since it is so awesome. It's a remarkably high quality countertop material that would be amazing in the kitchen area considering that it can deal with the abuse of a kitchen counter. If you're looking for a high quality counter-top which looks superb, granite is a reasonable choice for you. Marble may be a great choice too, but it could perhaps be more pricy.

  6. I just love your honed granite! Do you know what the name of it is?

    1. Hi Laurie!

      I just updated the post with the information. At the warehouse I went to it was called Golden Fusion in a satin finish from India. It's been 6 months and i still LOVE it! I am so happy I chose that finish, it actually hides dirt TOO well (is that ever a bad thing though??) I will find all kinds of crumbs and even some sticky stuff (thank you to three young children) that I can't see and so I guess I just need to wipe the counters every few hours whether they look dirty or not!

  7. Hi, I'm visiting from Southern Hospitality.

    Your granite is beautiful! I'm not a big fan of granite - I don't want a lot of black on my countertops. I think the honed granite really makes a huge difference in how well it fits with your decor.

  8. Hello, I searched for honed granite, wondering if you can hone it at home after granite is installed and found this page. Your granite is beautiful! We installed absolute black back in 2004 and I wish we had chosen honed. I guess I need to call a granite company to see if it can be honed now without making a huge mess. I just noticed that this post is over a year old so you may not see this comment. I'll have to visit your more current pages to see how the kitchen turned out!

  9. ThaIt is meeting up BEAUTIFULLY! I adore the stone ledges. Sometime I WILL supplant mine with something comparable. You have an extraordinary eye, Selina. Everything is fitting together impeccably! Furthermore, concur with the past posts - I am green with jealousy over that stunning sink! Granite Countertops Lynnwood


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