Old Windows Used as Frames

Every once in a while you hit a yard sale that has all these old windows. Years ago I used to collect them and do faux stain glass on them but I hadn’t done that in years.  (you can buy the gel for the faux stain glass (called Gallery Glass) at Michaels, it’s as easy as coloring a color book!)


But when I ran across a big set of windows at a sale during the end of summer and they were only $2.00 a piece I just had to get one.  I wasn’t exactly sure what I would do with it but I knew it would come to me.
One pane was broken so I decided to break the other pane on the opposite corner and do something fun with pictures and fabric.

old window

My first thought was to fill the voided window panes with fabric and the rest with photos.  After I put in the fabric pieces (wrapped them over cardboard) I didn’t like the fabric I picked out so instead of heading out in the car to get another piece I just took some old scrapbook paper and covered them with that instead.  Of course, if I found the perfect piece of fabric it probably would have been best if I used the fabric but now a days with paper looking so cool I think it was just fine.

family camp 004
granite colonial gold 001

Next I printed out 4 of my favorite pictures from Costco in the size of the window opening and taped them in. 

And here is what I ended up with!


Isn’t it sweet?

blog w

I just used D ring hooks on the back and drywall screws to hang it – took a little time but overall, a pretty easy project!

Overall Cost:

Window – 2.00
Fabric (that I didn’t use) – 1.00
Four 11x14 Costco prints – 12.60

Grand Total: $15.60!

Linking this up to Centsational Girl's Spring Craft Linky party!  Another idea I had was hanging Easter eggs in the spots where the fabric or scrapbook paper is??  I don't know, just thinking out loud!  Let me know if you try it :-)
Hope this project gets your own Creative Juices stirred!


  1. So cute! I wish I could find some old windows cheap.

    It would be cute to cover cork with fabric for the open squares and pin smaller pictures to it. Thanks for the great idea!

  2. Very cute! I need to find a window that's so inexpensive! All the ones I seem to find are like $30!

  3. I've been on the hunt for old windows for what seems like forever! What an awesome frame you came up with you! You should totally enter this project in Craftbaby's 'Fabulous Frames Challenge!' http://www.craftbaby.com/contests/2/fabulous-picture-frame-sweeps Actually, since you upcycled a window pane, you could also enter it into the 'Upcycle It Challenge!' haha- awesome! http://www.craftbaby.com/contests/3/upcycle-it-sweeps

  4. Do you need to treat the frames at all? Or will it just keep decaying (for lack of better word)?

    1. No need to treat anything :-) Once it is out of the elements (weather, rain, wind etc) it will stop decaying....


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