The Best Way to Hang Frames for a Gallery Wall

I had a bunch of family picture frames just leaning against the wall in hopes that someday, they would all crawl up the wall, find a nail and look amazing.

Unfortunately that never happened so I knew my next best chance was Pinterest to find a solution. (Can you believe I didn’t Google it?  Pinterest is awesome!)   I ran across Marissa’s blog Roost  via Pinterest and found this great idea on how to get my pictures off the floor and on the wall.

I have to say, her technique turned out GREAT!  Not just great, I'd say amazing.  It is fairly simple, not too time consuming and I didn’t have 50 holes in my wall trying to make it look right!!!!!  Yeah!!

First lay out your frames on the floor how you would like to see them on the wall.  Have fun with it, try all different arrangements.  (hey, it’s just the floor, no nails yet.)

blog frame galler

Next tape together long sheets of wax paper.

frame gallery 005

Turn all your frames upside down and lay the wax paper over the top of the frames.

frame gallery 007

Take a black marker and mark all the spots where the hangers are. I'd also recommend drawing  a few lines on just the outside edges of where your frames will be, or the entire set of frames.  This will help with making sure the frames are level.  (I ran out of wax paper, that is why mine doesn’t go all the way to the edges.)

frame gallery 008

Next, carefully lift the wax paper off your frame collage and tape it to the wall.  If you have a big collage, I would use 2 people to hang the wax paper.  Just make sure it’s level and tape it up. 

frame gallery 009

Pound in the nails in the black spots you marked!! Yes, it is that easy!

frame gallery 011
blog how to hang a gallery wall 019

Now gently take off the wax paper (you can just rip it) and the nails will  be there waiting for those pretty little pictures,  :-)   Transfer them one at a time from the floor collage.

And the FINAL WALL GALLERY photos!!!

blog gallery wall side profile

blog how to hang a gallery wall final

There you have it!!  SO easy. A lot better than my collection on the floor.  If you like this PIN IT 
so that you can remember this fun techniques and others can use this great idea too.  :-)

Linking up to YHL - filling your entier wall with frames was project #125 in their new book!


  1. Marissa's wax paper template was one of the inspiration pins for my Pinterest Challenge submission too - yep, I also did a gallery wall :-) Yours came out great!


  2. I'm so glad my little trick made this easier! Love your wall.

  3. What a neat way to do a gallery wall! Great job, and thanks for linking up with the Winter Pinterest Challenge!

    Erin @ The Great Indoors

  4. That's so clever! Why didn't I think of that?


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