House Tour part THREE - Kid Cubbies and Powder Room

Alright, now you get to see what is behind curtain # 3 the arched hallway. My very favorite thing……the kids CUBBIES!

NO more coats, lunchboxes and school work thrown around the house.  You have no idea how happy this makes me! This is actually not a built in, I purchased pieces from HuntWood cabinets and had them install them along with the kitchen cabinets!

I bought the baskets at Michaels - baskets are amazing. They hide a multitude of sins :-)  

And you see that shiny bowl in the corner of the photo above??? You didn’t think I forgot to have a place for the dog’s dishes do you?  hee,hee

Oh he’s a little spoiled……but he sure is cute   I mean just look, that IS a smile on his face – right?

Almost forgot, the powder room (bathroom) is also past the hall.

Upclose of the clay wall.  I tried to make it look like a crumbled concrete wall :-)  I know, some people might think I'm werid......

Alight – up the stairs and to the kids rooms next

                                                                  Explorer Room

……OR maybe the master bedroom

Enjoy!!!  ~ Selina

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  1. Very nice, love those cubbies for the kids and the niche for the dog bowls. Can't wait to see more!

  2. I love the dog food hideaway. We don't have a dog, but sister is getting one and I'm trying to convince her that when she redoes her kitchen she should build in the dog bowls into a slide-out toekick!


  3. I really love all the finishes--it makes it feel very warm and inviting. And the dog food bowl ideas was great!

  4. What dog is that? It looks exactly like mine that we got from a pound (poodle cross)... not sure with what though??? Hope you reply!!! Beautiful.

  5. Reply @ Matt Homes
    We have a golden doodle (half poodle half golden retriever). He's a sweetie, good pound rescue for sure!


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