Trip to the Dentist–Laughing Gas and Four Year Olds Fess Up

These pictures were just too funny not to share.  My daughter just had her first trip to the dentist for a filling.  To say the least, it was stressful, even the laughing gas was not doing much.  When that drill went off the screams went off with it!

BEFORE we left: (she was actually really excited to go…..I didn’t have the heart to tell her…….. )

1 kaelah by fire

DURING the visit:

Daughter: “OWE, YOU POKED ME!!!”

Dentist: ”No, I promise I didn’t poke you, I’m just polishing your teeth, if you are really good I’ll get you a popsicle after”

Daughter: SCREAM!!! “You just did it again!”

Dentist: “No, it’s just a tool I use to make your teeth look like princess teeth.”

Daughter:  “I want pink.” (referring to the popsicle….)

Dentist:  “OK, we’ll get you a pink popsicle but you HAVE to stop moving.”


Daughter: “Does it have sugar bugs?” (contemplating that I tell her sugar bugs give her cavities)

Dentist:  “Ummmmm….ya, it does.”

Daughter: “OK, just as long as I get pink.”

Her AFTER shots:

(I just love the stare…..the laughing Gas really kicking in Smile )

1 Kaelah spaced out dentist new

That numb lip drove her NUTS!

Kaelah film dentist

quick page collage

It was officially a BAD DAY!

Kaelah dentist bad day

Till the next fun adventure Smile  Have a great day my friends!
~Creative Juices Decor~


  1. I felt a little guilty laughing as hard as I did at these pictures. Poor little thing. I have had a lifetime of moments exactly like this.

  2. Hehehe. This is hilarious. It's so weird to have numb lips. Yeah, these photos will definitely make you a bit guilty. But at least her teeth are healthy and princess-sparkly!

    -Brendon Spaziani

  3. Only one of my kids ever had the need for laughing gas and it was SO funny. I wish I had it on video, but that was in the days before it was acceptable to photograph and video your kids in these situations PLUS we didn't have cameras with us everywhere we went. But I still laugh about it because I have that video in my head.

  4. This is so funny! I'm sure she'll love you for this when she's older ;)Hilarious!

  5. I couldn't resist laughing as I scrolled down the page. Yep, those numb lips feel so weird, though they're supposed to be numb. :D

    -Marlena Tillens


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