Easy DIY Valance from Old Picture Frame

During our  move,  glass from a long and narrow picture frame broke. 

Normally I would have just tossed it (it was now useless – right?) but this blogging stuff really makes you look twice at EVERY thing you see.  To be honest with you, it’s pretty ridiculous, it’s hard to throw away anything now!!!

So after staring at the frame a while, the crafty blogging light bulb went off and I realized I could totally use it for a valance in my daughters room!

NEW valance from OLD useless Picture frame!

blog valance

All I did was throw out the broken glass,

Used the cardboard that it came with and wrapped that in bubble wrap. (It’s just what was handy, as that was the material it had been wrapped up in for the move.)

misc 023

Next I took a pillow sham I bought at the thrift store and wrapped that around the bubble wrapped cardboard. I just taped the fabric to stay together. (if the fabric looks familiar, I used the other identical pillow sham to upholster this chair for her desk!)

aria's valance 013

I really wanted some depth to the valance so I went to Home Depot and bought a small board and had them cut it to size. I also bought some D rings/hooks so I could hang it.

aria's valance 011

I used wood glue and glued it all together.  (all the pro’s use turtles and knife holders to weigh down their jobs, right?) Smile Then I screwed on the D hooks to hang it.  Once it was all dry, I took some stain and stained the wood posts I bought to make it darker to match the frame. 

final living and dining 042

Overall this may have taken me 30 min to put together and the total cost was around $5.00.
But the part I’m happiest about is turning Lemons (a broken picture) into Lemonade!! (a pretty valance)


blog rustic tuscan kids nook


blog valance room

It’s all about keeping those Creative Juices Flowing – huh!!

Once again, here is a link to that upholstered chair and a link to the blue painted desk

Till Next time! 

Pretty soon I’ll show you her room complete Smile  Just debating if I should do a small wall in clay or not……I’m sure I will, just not sure when…..

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  1. What a terrific re-use of the mirror frame. It really picks up her desk area! And you certainly can't beat the price, can you?



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