House Tour Part Four–the Master Bedroom and Bath

Next up, the master bedroom!  I really love it but it has LOTS of windows (5 large windows to be exact!) and we have no blinds……that is a problem, I need to get blinds very soon ~ ha!

Hallway down to master bedroom, we have the room on the main floor while the kids rooms are upstairs. 

blog rustic tuscan hallway

I carried the clay into the master bedroom as well.

blog rustic tuscan master bedroom

Looking straight on, once I get the bed in the room I’ll take more pictures of the other side of the room.  For those wondering, yes, I did make the curtains and I will be sure and write a post soon how I did them.  You’ll like it because I just used the hem stuff that you iron on!  It doesn’t get much easier than that Smile

blog rustic tuscan master bedroom straight on

Right off the bedroom is the Master Bath:

blog rustic tuscan master bathroom sink

I knew I would put the clay piece I made right over the tub.  If you want more information on the art just click Clay Art.

blog rustic tuscan master bathroom

blog rustic tuscan master tub

That’s it!  We have the toilet and the shower through a pocket door and the walk in closet off the bathroom too…..but those pictures just weren’t enough fun so I skipped them Smile

SOOOO.......if you missed any head on back to see the tour from part ONE!


Kitchen and Dining

 Hallway and Cubbines

Master Bedroom and Bath

Next up…….the upstairs!  Stay tuned!!!


  1. I love the natural wood beams and the warm colors on the wall and fixtures. We live in a builders house and I'm trying to customize it but the bones are very traditional and we don't have wood beams, arched windows, etc. Your home is just what I would do if I could start from scratch! Nice job!

  2. I agree with the above. Love all the wood floors, wood beams and your walls are amazingly beautiful! I'd love to have an art piece just like that for my living room. Your master retreat is very warm and inviting.

  3. Iron-on hem tape is the only way I could possibly make curtains! Looking forward to the step-by-step.


  4. Thanks so much for your comments recently. I wanted to answer you about the blog critique -- I only got one respnse,a nd it was good. However, I didn't pay much attention because it was only one person. I've had people email me unsolicited and tell me they hate me header! So, I think you should ignore anyone who said something like that. Your blog is beautiful and is obviously a reflection of the colors you like...that's why you have so many followers - because you are true to what you like!

  5. Hello again, I sent you compliments on your home and I mentioned "champagne on a beer budget and that I asked were your walls faux paint or wall paper...this will give you a clue as to where the first message came form as I am new to blogs, etc. and I didnt quite follow instructions...

    1. Hi! I'm so sorry I didn't see your first comment. I do understand champagne on a beer budget :-) the walls are a natural clay product called American Clay. They are not wallpaper. If you enter in my search box American clay you will see many more posts about it and instructions of how to apply it. Hope that helps!

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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