Another Gallery Wall using the Wax Paper Method

I have to say, if you have not read about the wax paper method of hanging a picture gallery you must go over and read it.  It is just fantastic!

Just to show you how much fun you can have with a gallery wall full of photos here are a few shots and the upstairs hallway.


wax paper gallery wall art technique


galler wall art using wax paper

One thing that is so great about the method is you can place the wax paper on the wall and move it around.  I had to deal with a very LOUSILY placed thermostat (bummer I didn’t catch that while they were putting it in) and so I was able to move the paper around until I got that thermostat placed in-between the frames.  It was so easy and we all know I love easy. 

nana and papa visit 003

gallery wall time saving techinque

If you give it a shot, let me know.  Maybe you’ll even have some more tips we can learn from.  Anything to get those frames off the floor and onto the walls – right? Smile

gallery wall photo wax paper

If you want to see the full version of how to do this wax paper wall hanging technique, you can see my downstairs arrangement in which I paired up photos along with some art.


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  1. You can know all about another gallery wall using wax paper. Good post


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