Late Night Decorating–Fireplace Mantle and Piano Recital Music

Oh boy, it’s started……all the decorating!!!

I LOVE this part, but at the same time it can be frustrating, especially when you are by yourself and it’s 11:30 at night. 

All I can say is that if you have a friend, invite them over when you are trying to place pictures and do a collage.  You need them to say “to the right, or to the left a little!”  What happens to me is I climb on the latter, insert object, climb down, realize it needs to be moved over 3” and try again. (and again and again)   We will NOT discuss how many holes I have in my walls……no we wont! 

Here is the BEFORE:

new house 099

And the staying up till midnight AFTER:

 blog rustic tuscan fireplace

Actually I had it like this first (minus the violin) but I have such a love for music I thought adding the violin just felt right.  (The violin was mine as a teenager until I forgot I put it on top of my car and drove away only to hear something fall off the car – ummm lets just say, no violin can survive that! My sweet mom was way more understanding than I would have been!)

blog rustic fireplace mantle

Do you like it with our without the violin?  See I needed all my blogging friends over webcam to give me advise. “A little to the right Selina” :-)

I did paint that picture myself, someday, it would be fun to buy a big original from a “true” artist :-)

blog rustic tuscan fireplace 004

Those pottery pieces were a few bucks (maybe even cents!) at the thrift store.

blog rustic tuscan fireplace 017

And the side cubbie AFTER:

blog rustic tuscan fireplace side

I store all my piano and violin music in the cupboards and have the iPod docking station there for music.  I love my Baroque station :-)  It makes me feel like I am in an Italian Villa or something :-)

And since I am talking about music, I just can’t leave without putting my kids really fun recital pieces on the blog (you guys know I don’t usually do this “personal” stuff) but for those of you who are interested, stop by and listen!  The kids get such a kick out of any comments or “likes” on their songs.

Linking this to YHL post that are inspired by their new book - tip #27 Don't fill space - add meaningful things :-)

Till Next Post!! Have a great week :-)


  1. What a beautiful fireplace! I like the cubby and the fact that you added some greenery to that side as well. Oh, I like it without the violin, less model home-ish?

    Great piano playing and such pretty pieces of music too. Well done! Have a great weekend!

  2. I love when you make it personal, your kids are adorable!


  3. Τhis corner of your house was completely transformed! Love it!

  4. Selina truly you are amazing I want to say I like the mantle with the violin it really looks nice. Ryland and Aria were AMAZING I love that we were able to watch them play. Thank you dear!

  5. I love your fireplace, and I liked the violin. I find it's more personal. Can you tell me more about the stone you used. I would like to use this on my FP remodel. Name/color/style would be much appreciated.

  6. Here is the information Darlene! (I wanted to email you directly but there was no email attached to your name) Masonry Fireplace: Buck County Country Ledgerstone 80% with Bucks Country Distressed Fieldstone 20%

  7. I love the fireplace, mantle and your decor selection. Is the curved hearth stained wood or stained concrete?


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