The American Clay Master Bedroom I did in San Diego

First off I have to say, I really love San Diego. I lived there for 2 1/2 years and I felt like every morning I woke up to the sun shining and birds chirping.  I even wrote a post about all the places I’ve lived and what I noticed about the cities.

This is my friends casa, the one that flew me over to show them how to apply the American Clay to their home.  I’ll start off with their backyard because it was GORGEOUS!

View from their balcony off the master bedroom:
blog landscape 4

The other side of the balcony view, well pretty much all their master bedroom view!
blog landscape3

Oh just some flowers around the yard…… Smile  (remember, I live in Idaho, these “tropical” flowers are a novelty to me!)
blog landscape2

blog landscape1

They had three of these adorable fruit trees!  I forget the name of the fruit but they were SOOOO GOOD!! 
blog landscape

Alright, back to DESIGN!!

As soon as I entered the room I got excited about how I could change up the floor plan and best use the space.  Regarding the clay wall, I only did half of the room…….they are planning to finish the other half soon.  (My job was just to show them HOW to do the clay themselves Smile)

Back wall before:
disneyland iphone 019

Same back wall, AFTER!
blog san diego master bedroom clay

blog san diego american clay bedroom

(this is where the bed was placed before)
blog san diego before bedroom

Space in the corner BEFORE:
disneyland iphone 018

And the AFTER!
blog san diego master bedroom

And once again…..the final layout and American Clay wall done in a smooth Loma finish in the color Acacia:
blog finished clay bedroom

What do you think?  Anyone else want to fly me to some exotic location?  I wouldn’t mind Italy or somewhere over looking the coast in Greece Smile  HA! 

Till my next adventure……
Selina ~CreativeJuicesDecor~

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  1. These clay walls look fantastic! They add such beauty to the entire space...


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