How to Make a Plate Hanger Gallery Wall – Easy as 1,2,3 and nearly FREE!

There are some posts I  get really excited about showing you.  This is one of them.  I first saw this on  Christina's blog the Frugal Homemaker.  Right away I got to work on my plate collection (that I had planned to do for months!) 

This is in our guest bathroom.  

As mentioned before in my Top 10 Decorating Tips, hanging plates on your wall is an incredible way to make a statement VERY inexpensively.  You can also see my other post on monograming or personalizing a plate before you hang it on your wall.

blog powder room plate gallery

Previously, I bought Heavy Duty Wall Hanger for around 3.00 a piece but as I mentioned above it wasn’t tell I ran across a post by Christina telling me how to make FREE plate hangers that got me started on the plate wall I had always planned for my guest powder room. 


Start a collection of thrift store plates, whatever your style is.

Coastal White?
Old World Pottery?
Victorian Blue and White?
Modern Black and White?
Roosters or Farm Animals? 

You get the picture!  Have fun with it.  All the plates I have collected were around .25 cents a piece.  The main plate with the tree on it was $2.99, my big splurge.;-)

free adhesive plate hanger tutorial

When I hung my monogram thrift store plates I used the DiscChargers which cost me around 8 bucks for the 3.  Not bad, but what happens when you have 15 plates to hang!!! I really did not want to spend $45.00 just to hang my $8.00 collection of plates……right???


Simply cut out 2 circle pieces of felt. 

blog free plate hanger

Hot Glue one circle to the back of the plate. 

Next arrange a paper clip on the back of the plate so that the top goes just a little bit over the “ring” of the plate. 

blog free plate hanger bathroom

Finish up by hot gluing another piece of felt on top of that.

blog finished diy plate hanger

TA DA! Your own FREE plate holder!  (I know I am a little too excited about this but I just saved 45.00.  I had all the stuff to do this just laying around the house.) 

blog plate hanger wall

Now, I’m not saying to hang your  grandmother’s 100 dollar antique plate this way, but for normal stuff, it’s great!  In fact, I did make a mistake and wanted to take off the felt and re-position it and I COULDN’T!  It was on there for good folks… I am very convinced that this is going to be staying up for a very…. long….. time :-)


Now as to the best way to place them on the wall I am SOLD on the WAX PAPER TECHNIQUE for hanging frames or plates.  It simply makes sense and it’s fast and easy. 

blog how to hang plates

blog how to hang a plate wall

blog how to hang plates wax paper

blog final wax paper on wall

Let’s look at the AFTER once again 

blog free plate hangers plate wall powder room

Wondering what the powder room walls are made of?  It's American Clay, check out how I did them!

Are you ready to start collecting plates yet?  I hope you are, it’s lots of fun.

EDIT: I would suggest that if you are doing a collage right above your head (like over a headboard) that you buy some of these

Heavy Duty Wall Hanger

in the case that your homemade set didn't hold up.  In the 2 years that I have had the bathroom plates up, I had ONE fall.  Of course it was the largest and heaviest one.  I should have doubled the felt size and hot glue for the big one, or added two hooks.  All to say, I LOVE using my free plate hanging idea and will do it again but if it was an expensive plate or a super heavy plate right over my bed I would buy the commercial wall hanger for that one. :-)

Till Next Post!  Have a great week!!

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  1. I've got a stack of plates on the floor, waiting for me to hang them. Just one of my projects in waiting.

  2. This looks awesome Selina, I want to try it!!

  3. I TOTALLY hear you! I just spent way too much money on adhesive plate hangers at the craft store. Now that I've read this, I will never waste another dollar on plate hangers! THANK YOU!

  4. That's a great plate display. Thanks for the tutorial.

  5. what a neat idea!!! And talk about the saving!?!!?

  6. Great idea. Have any of them ever fallen off? That is my only concern about hot glue, but I do love the idea. I guess if you use inexpensive dishes it doesn't matter too much.

  7. Love your plate wall! I too have disc hangers - but you're right about the expense. I pinned this paperclip idea awhile ago and plan to use it the next time I need to hang a plate.

    What a great idea to use wax paper. I just laid mine on the floor until I found a pattern I liked and eyeballed it! Not for the faint of heart - but I like to live dangerously!

  8. Isn't it crazy how a diy project using thrifty finds can become expensive if you're not careful? What a great way to hang plates!

  9. How fantastic is that! I so want to go to Goodwill now. lol. Thank you for sharing this at my Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. Hope to see your prettiness again on Monday. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  10. Thank you!!

  11. I tried this and in the middle of the night the plates started falling off the wall. Got any ideas for a stronger glue. I lost 3 plates

    1. Hummm.....the hot glue worked perfect for me....make sure and let the glue harden before you put them up. (let them sit for at least an hour) My plates haven't budged, even with three wild children around. In fact, I tried to take one holder off the plate and couldn't. I am thinking their might be something wrong with the type of glue that is in your glue gun??? Not sure, so sorry that you lost 3 plates.....that shouldn't have happened.

  12. I love the way this looks! I've always wondered how to hang the plates w/o using a visible plate hanger or drilling a hole in them. Thanks for the tip!

  13. Thanks for the hanging tip! Free is always good!

  14. Great idea to do the perfect placement of the plates. Thank you for the creative and easy idea.

  15. Very cool! Do glad you shared this!


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