Paper Lanterns– Ideas for the Pergola and Parties

I ran into such a fun store, full of wonderful eye candy and the prices were good!

Welcome Luna Bazaar……

Purple paper lanterns under long trellis.
Image courtesy of Mark Rose Events

I am still in the idea stage for my sad unclothed pergola but I promise, one day you guys will get a post from me with my OWN pergola looking fabulous – at least I hope!  Are you guys willing to stay with me for 5 more years?  ha!  I’m just joking…..I think I just need to do another clay job to get some more money to spend on fun things like paper lanterns!


OK, let’s get to these amazing photos!!!

 This orange would be so fun for a fall themed outdoor party.  You could add some round pumpkins to balance the round lanterns.  Lots of fun.

Orange paper lanterns in bright white tent with natural wood tables. Image by Cliff Brunk

This is fun – all the colors turns this room from blah to “let’s party!”

Anyway, I’m working on it, just collecting inspiration from all the talented people out there.  Smile  LOVE the hanging plants off the sides of posts and how it’s balanced by another pot right under the hanging flowers.

Stano Landscaping

Elle DĂ©cor magazine

Till the Next Inspiration Hits!
~ CreativeJuicesDecor~


  1. I need some paper lanterns right now! What would I do without online shopping and inspiring blogs like yours?


  2. @Jessica, if you are looking for paper lanterns, then you can contact In my birthday party celebration, I had ordered lanterns, cake stand and ribbons. All the products were nice.


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