Swooping Drapes in the Living Room

 I am so excited to show you my newest addition to my living room! Drapes! I have a wonderful friend who traded “skills” with me.  She is an expert seamstress and I am a designer so I did some clay work for her, and she made me these amazing drapes!

blog drapes

I did debate whether or not the room should have drapes but after a while, and a lot of mental picturing I decided yes, let’s sew us some drapes!!!

blog LR final w tuscan drapes

You won’t believe that I actually got this $50.00 + a yard fabric for……drumroll…….only $5.00 a yard!!! Yep, crazy heavy, super soft chenille fabric for $5.00 a yard.  My friend has a friend that has a friend….no  Smile it was just my seamstresses friend that buys bulk fabrics in auctions and such and this happened to be one of the fabrics in the group.  (so happy!) 

I have a lot of fabric left to sew pillows if I want to.  I’m sure I will.......someday  :-)

blog LR drapes

I know it doesn’t really look like it, but they DO pull all the way across and still have a small drape on the top. 

I did have an inspiration picture from an old magazine I kept to copy.  I recommend EVERYONE to pin or collect pictures of things they fall in love with so that when it comes time to be able to build or design you don’t have to re-invent the wheel, you have rooms right in front of you to copy. You will make a lot less mistakes in designing you home if you follow that one simple rule.  So go ahead and PIN this drape (If it’s your style…..you know!)

draperies I love

So let me show you again the BEFORE and AFTER shots of the drapes:


blog final living room

With :-)

blog LR final w tuscan drapes

Total I spent around $125.00 on fabric, the rod and the hooks.  I am a little surprised at how much it changed the room.  I think it looks so much classier and lush…..What do you guys think??

I just realized too that I never put up the final picture of my entry/foyer so I thought I'd tag it onto this post.

You can barely see the matching iron grilles outside the two sidelight windows but they really add a lot to the rustic Tuscan look. 

There you have it!  My new Living Room Drapes!

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  1. The swooping drapes in living room is beautiful. Have a look at it

  2. where did you find the mirror in the archway?

    1. Hi! That is actually an IRON piece (so totally see through) I had it custom made to fit that spot. You can read the details here: http://www.creativejuicesdecor.com/2011/07/my-first-house-buy-iron-window.html

  3. Thank you so much for your wonderful blog. It is so hard to find a blogger who loves the 'Old World' or 'Tuscan' style of home decor. I love rich color and lots of texture and decorate this way in my home.

  4. Thank you so much for your beautiful blog! I was so happy to discover you. It is quite difficult finding blogs featuring 'Old World' or 'Tuscan' style decor. My love of texture, layers, and deep muted colors are all shown here in your blog. LOVE IT!


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