DIY Pallet Coffee Table Adds Character and Charm to your Room

Today we have a guest poster, Allison Cooper.  She contacted me and asked if she could do a tutorial for us.  I said, "If it fits with my blog, absolutely!" (This goes to anyone else out there too!)

When she first made her pallet coffee table she wasn't thinking she would be doing a blog write up that required 20 "how to" photos :-)  so she wrote the directions out as detailed as she could and has a lovely after picture.  

Without further is Allison's post!

When it's time to update a room in your home you can always depend upon some of the established ideas such as wallpapering or painting an accent wall to achieve a new look. Even a new area rug can add color and texture to a boring room. Re-purposing and DIY projects are another great way to add something new and unique to your home decor.

Here are some instructional steps that you need to follow to create a coffee table that you can tailor to suit your family room or basement playroom.


What You Need


wooden pallets

wood screws


wood glue

lattice strips

circular saw


          1. Scout around and find two wooden pallets that are typically used for shipping purposes.T
hese do come in different sizes so be sure to select two pallets that have the same dimensions.

(NOTE: I was able to construct a table with pallets that were 5 ft. x 3 ft. This gave me a very functional table that is also the focal point for our family room.)

          2. Use several wood screws to fasten the two pallets together. At least one screw for each corner and then a few additional screws along the longest edges of the pallets. I made sure to countersink the screws for a better visual aesthetic. 

          3. Measure the length and width of the top section. This will give you the measurements needed to create the top and base pieces.

          4. Mark these measurements onto a piece of 3/8 inch plywood. This will serve as the table top.   (NOTE: You can also use 1/2 inch plywood.)

          5. Cut the plywood and use this piece as your template when you cut another piece for the table base.

          6. Attach the base and top with wood glue.

          7. For a more finished look you may want to glue some strips of lattice board around the top edges.

          8. The final step is to paint, stain or decorate this table to match your decor.

NOTE: After I made the natural colored pallet table as shown below, I changed up the look and used a bold, navy blue paint for the top and sides. I contrasted this with white paint along the edges. These two colors created a nautical look that is perfect for our room. Next time I'll be sure and take more photos but we sold this piece when we moved!

Thanks Allison!!  

I ADORE pallet tables.  I went to my friend Jen's house for a BBQ recently and feel madly in love with her DIY pallet table too. (she is the one who wrote this chair upholstery post for us!)  As you guys know, I'm a sucker for deep wood stain :-)  

This pallet had some words on the side that looked so cool in person.  If you can find a pallet with words, all the better for character!  

You can also check out Jenna's Blog Wilson and Pugs and see her DIY pallet coffee table.  I love the rustic appeal and the area for magazines!

Allison Cooper is an editor and staff writer for, an online retailer of discounted name brand furniture.  When not at work, Allison enjoys spending time with her family, knitting, and thinking of ideas for her next blog post.  You can find her store blog here to see how she's doing!


  1. Wonderful thanks for your blog. We can make our house and garden more decorative with the wooden pallets by our own.It has the high friction and strong as compared with the plastic.

  2. Beautiful wooden center table. Thanks for even mentioning the steps to make one such table. Thanks once again!!!

  3. Beautiful center tables. I liked the first one more!!!

  4. Good looking tables. Liked all!!!!

  5. I liked the last one most :)


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