San Juan Islands–Friday Harbor Trip

Our last family vacation before the mad rush of starting school!

1 friday harbor ferry

This is the most memorable place in the world for me - the San Juan Islands, Washington.  I suppose the fact that my grandparents lived there since I was a young child may have helped shape that opinion!

Nothing beats the adventure of hanging out where the ocean is just a few feet away.  

We were always clamming,crabbing and catching shrimp.

1 eating crab in Wescott Bay

I hope your not in for a shocker, but I am a "get my hands dirty" kind of gal.  I can stab a crab, pull apart its legs and steam them up like the best of them :-)  There are many pictures of me knee high in mud and seaweed trying to dig out a huge gooey duck clam for our dinner.

Although, I don't plan on posting that picture anytime soon - ha!

selina san juans

On this trip I went up with my extended family and we camped at the San Juan County Park because 16 people is a lot to stay at any one persons home!!

1 san juan county park camping

These photos are all from our campground!!!!  We even saw got to see a pod of Orca Whales (killer whales) leaping out of the ocean!

1 county park kyaker

1 county park

This is the beach where many of my childhood memories were made.
(My grandparent's front yard!) 

1 opas beach

Looking out from their beach.

1 view from opa

I feel so fortunate that my children can share some of those memories too.  Here  is my eldest daughter trying to Paddleboard on a Kayak! 

1 Aria Kyak

This was actually an emotional post for me to write – my grandma (Oma) passed away earlier this summer and my grandpa (Opa) is going to move back inland. 

We might not be back to the Island for a long time.

I am just so thankful for amazing grandparents whose joy was to see their grandchildren enjoying life and spending quality time with them.

 I could not have asked for anything more. 

    Opa and Oma with my kids

~ Selina


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss. I loss my mom last fall and I try to remember the Dr. Suess quote: "Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened." It always makes me feel better.

  2. Thank you so much Anne, your comment means a lot.....

  3. Beautiful place and nice photos Selina. So sorry about your dear Oma. What wonderful memories.

    1. Memories that will last a lifetime :-) thanks for your comment too Meredith

  4. So sorry to learn about your grandmother, and hugs to your grandfather. I hope the property will not go out of the family though. Perhaps all the other family members could chip in and buy it from your grandfather so the property could be used by everyone collectively. That's what we did with our family property in the Catskills-- now a family gathering place whenever anyone can get away. My son lives near Seattle, and I know the beauty of this area.

    1. I would love if that happened.....somehow keep it in the family. The house might be used as a vacation home for a while, I'm not sure. It would be nice if it was used like that and not sold but there is so many things up in the air. )-: Yes, other then all the rain, Seattle has some just stunning places to go (Mt Rainier, the Olympic Peninsula, ah the great outdoors!!)

  5. It was soo good to see photos of the island again :) I can't believe it was so long ago, that all us cousins were CRAMMED in the rafter attic on the island, lol!
    I was so sorry to hear that Aunt Marianna passed away earlier this summer. I miss everyone so much, and I wish we could slow life down a little, and revisit all those memories we had, when we were little and carefree.
    Love you, Selina...
    ~Your Cousin, Little Heather Feather

    1. Carefree and Little! AH, I do miss that! We did have the best memories ever.

  6. I love your photos of the islands. So beautiful!

    I would love to feature this post on our Northwest-based site. Email me for details!

    shondra (at) dwellable (dot) com



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