Fall Table Decor - Thrft Store Style

You all know I have a love for thrift stores, it's the whole treasure hunting thing.

Well this particular day happened to be "stuff an entire bag of clothes for $4.00" day.  My thoughts were, "This could be FUN!"  I found a ton of great clothes for my 5, 9 and 11 year old.  I honestly can't imagine buying clothes full price for my kids. (They just grow out of them or ruin them within a month or two!)  If I don't buy their clothes at the thrift store, it's at Target for 70% off.  I promise, they have cute clothes and don't look like rag a muffins.  Promise.

Anyway, I ran across this Pottery Barn Burlap table decor thing while shopping at the thrift store.

I wondered if it could be labeled as a head covering just somehow and I could stick it in my clothing bag.  (Maybe???)

The sweet older lady at the cashier just looked at me and said, No, she didn't think I could call it a head covering.....BUT instead of ringing it up at $5.00 (which I wasn't going to pay, I mean HEY I just stuffed 50.00 worth of clothes in my bag for 4.00!) she rang it up for 2.00.  I love that particular cashier.  I'll always wait in her line even if it means double the time.

I picked up these pumpkin plates on an earlier date but they are so cute and fall like I had to show you again.  Added to that collection is now a .50 pear jar......can it get any cuter????  Each plate cost .75 cents. 

So here is what I did with my $2.00 thrift store find.  I bought a few squash at a little fruit stand.

A few weeks ago (as my weekly readers know!) I found this iron bowl at a garage sale for 6.00.  I had fun playing around with it on the table, but may move it outside on the steps too!

I LOVE the color orange! 

I just "dolled" up the bowl with the pumpkin and pinecones. 

OH and check out this BEAUTIFUL rustic box Katrina from Bunches and Bits made from leftover pieces of her fence!  I want an old fence to take apart!!!



What's your favorite way to decorate for fall???  Do you like the "harvest" part or the scary Halloween decor? :-)  Or both! 

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  1. Beautiful! I love the harvest fall look of your decorations.

  2. Love your "finds". Always makes me so happy to find something at the goodwill. I love the pottery barn piece.
    Your wooden box is really cool. Love the look...Great job!!

  3. I love orange and the harvest part is definitely my favorite. I am not (and never was even when my kids were small) a lover of Halloween. I just could never understand the point. :o) The only part I liked was making the costumes. If you can believe it, I never carved a pumpkin with my kids. Never. They both turned out great and say they don't need therapy either! Love your model too.

  4. I like the harvest part but since we get trick or treaters at our house I do decorate for Halloween on the actual day. Years ago I scared some small kids at Halloween with scarey music and never tried that again! Your decor is lovely and so is your daughter.

  5. I love thrift stores too!! You are too funny!! Isn't amazing how "frugal" we become. The ballerina is the icing on the cake!

  6. My husband and I re-created the wooden box for the table. We didnt have any old fence posts so we bought 2 furring strips from Lowes for like $1.75 each and then we bought stain. I bought some rustic looking handles at hobby lobby for $4. It turned out amazing. the furring strips have a lot of imperfections, everyone thought it was made from old wood! I am new to all this so I need to set up a google account, i read your post about posting comments! Thanks, you are so creative and have already inspired me so much!

    1. Oh that is a GREAT idea!!!! Send me a picture, I'd love to see it. Yeah, I don't have to continue to envy people with piles of old worn down fences. About the comments - I am thrilled to get nice good comments from people like you even if you leave it annoymous....it's just you might never see this comment I replied to you! If you had a google account I could reply to you directly...(just be sure, if you do set up a Google account you put in your email so people can reply to you.) Thanks again for commenting!

  7. If you didn't tell us, we never would have known that it all was thrift. It looks great! ~ Maureen

  8. Love all your great treasures. You did so good!!!!!!


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