How to Use up LOTS of Peaches - Frozen Peach Pie Filling

Almost every year during peach season I have a friend that lets me buy a huge box of peaches and nectarines for 11.00 a box. 

Is there ANY reason why I wouldn't buy them??  Of course not. 
They are SOOOOOO delicious and sweet when they are in season.  I have canned peaches in the past but, well, it's not my favorite thing to do so this year I decided to make a big batch of PEACH PIE FILLING! 
Honestly, you could use the filling for any peach treat.  How about peach cobbler?  YUMMM.....

The process took longer than I thought it would (being domestic ALWAYS takes longer than I anticipate) but it's worth it. 

 Hopefully the photos are what makes a post fun cause this mama was in the picture taking mood I guess ;-)



Brig water to a boil and drop in peaches that have an X scored around the peach.  (The X just makes it easier to peel the fruit in sections.)  Leave in about 30 seconds.

Take out the peaches and drop them in ice water for about 60 seconds.

Simply peel off the skin!  Should come off quite easily....if it doesn't try boiling the skin again longer.

Get out some:
Tapioca (3 TBSP)
Cinnamon (1 tsp)
Salt (dash)
Brown Sugar (1/2 cup)
Lemon (squirt)
Listed for ONE pie batch - each batch would consists of 4 full cups of peaches.

I made a huge batch and just sprinkled in the ingredients till it seemed right.

Put around 4-5 cups of peach mix in a labeled zip lock bag.

Place flat in freezer ready to thaw out at any occasion!!!

EASY! (well a little time consuming but it was easy)
Of course I had to make a fresh pie that day for all my hard work.
Just put it in a pie shell and cook at 375 till golden brown (around 50 min)

Why do little kids ALWAYS want to make that face???


She is such a ham.....there is NEVER a time where she doens't ask to have her picture taken when my camera is out.....of course I enjoy tking pictures of little "baby"!

There you have it - what to do with your big box of peaches!

What do you like to make with your extra peaches???
ENJOY!!!  ~ Selina

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  1. Selina, your photos are incredible and your daughter is just precious! We purchase big boxes of peaches in the summer and I freeze some of them. I will have to try your method of making the pie filling. Thanks for the tip about the 50 mm lens. I have been reading how it is the favorite lens of a lot of bloggers. I can see how it gives you some really nice effects.


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