Need a Fun Fall Kid Craft? Fall Decor - Shaved Crayon Stained Glass

This is a great fall kid craft that I have done many times with my kids or in their classrooms.  The colors can be so vibrant and fall like and is a great way to decorate come fall or any season!  It does need adult supervision though.    


First off, lay out a sheet of wax paper on the table.

Have fun by using a pencil sharpener (can purchase a set of these at the dollar store) and begin shaving your favorite colors onto the paper.

Once you have thinly spread out the shavings lay another piece of wax paper over the top.

Have your iron setting on low and carefully iron right over the top of the wax paper (this would be for an older sibling or an adult to do)  Some of the crayon wax may squeeze out of the wax paper so putting a towel under the project is a good idea.

Now you have your beautiful "stain glass" and now you just need to print  out your favorite shape, (just Google "leaf shape image" or whatever you are interested in) put it under the wax paper and use a black sharpie to draw the shape.

Carefully cut out your shape and enjoy!!

You can tape these to your window or insert a hole punch and hang them!  A bunch of leaves would be a beautiful classroom decoration.

Some other seasonal ideas would be using green crayon shavings with red dots for Christmas trees or what about white and blue for a snowman!  This can be a craft for ALL seasons, it's just my mind is focused on beautifully changing leaves right now - :-)

Be sure and check out this fun ACORN treat post I did from last fall.  You can put it in cute packaging and give it to a teacher or as a fun fall treat in your children's lunch!

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What is your favorite fall kid craft?  If they are simple, tell us in the comments!  Be sure to tell us if you have any other advice or tips for a craft like this. :-)

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  1. How cool! My kiddos are going to love that!!


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