Using Planters for Pumpkin Holders - Front Porch Fall Makeover

I know I know, I'm at it again.  Thrift store shopping, spray painting and adding MORE pumpkins. 

Easy Steps to spray paint and glaze outdoor planters - then use as holiday decor.  Pumpkin holder or small christmas tree holder

Today's "special" were these 2 planters that I got for $3.75 each.  They still had the $24.99 price tag clearly applied to the bottom.  (I LOVE thrift stores!)


Of course, my initial thought was to paint them a good dark bronze color, like I ALWAYS do.  But I got to thinking about all of YOU my readers who are probably sick of seeing everything I take home from the thrift store painted the same ol brown color so I decided to SURPRISE you and do a YELLOW.  Yes, this project was done specifically for all my readers.  Dare I say you guys make me a "better" person - hee,hee.  Oh no, I can't say that because I have burnt WAY too many dinners because of you :-)

Step One:
Wipe off dust

Step Two:
Spray paint!

Step Three:
Mix a brown paint with glaze - my portion was around 1 part paint to 3 parts glaze.  Use a brush to apply and a paper towel to wipe off.

Step Four:
ENJOY your handiwork!

Total cost: $11.89 for TWO!
$7.50 for planters
$ 4.39 for yellow paint (I had brown glaze from lots of other projects)

Now was the fun part, deciding exactly where to put these two lovely ladies......

In the back, right next to the door???
(PS I made that tuscan style door myself!!)

Or on the front of the porch, so they can be seen better from the road???

What do you think?

Isn't he cute??  I'm sure my MIL and mom are thinking "Hey, why is the dog in the photos, lets see our grand kids!"  Oh well, he was the only one handy.

 Was yellow a good call?  I was thinking since spray painting is SOOO easy maybe I could even change the color per season?

Of course, if you would like to see some of my favorite spray paint makeovers with oil rubbed bronze come on over and check them out!

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  1. what thrift stores do you shop at?

    1. St Vincent De Paul is my FAVORITE! Goodwill is OK but I feel "overpriced" yes, I said a thrift store was overpriced ;-)

    2. I always think Goodwill is overpriced!

  2. I'm not a yellow girl but you sure did make those planters look great! I just purchased short plaster pillars that I want to use by my front door and I was wondering if I could use the same process. Thanks for the ideas!

    1. YES! for sure, you may want to buy a white primer and spray it first if the pillars are porous. Just look for a spray paint primer at any hardware home improvement store.

      You're good to go! Have fun :-)

    2. OH PRIMER! I forgot! Thank you! Do you think I should seal them as well since they will be in the rain? :)

    3. it will definitely make it more durable so giving it a coat of spray sealer (polyurethane) is a great idea.

  3. Τhey look great wherever you put them!

  4. Even though I like your dog I think pictures of the grandkids would be great!

  5. Love the pics of your pooch! Either door looks fabulous. I put pumpkins in my urns too this year. Good job!

  6. Beautiful. So very festive for the season. Was wondering about your pic of the two types of spray paints and reasons behind that. Thanks.

  7. oops, wbeducian at gmail dot com

  8. I think I might just take that photo off because reading it from your response I can see how it would be confusing! I was just commenting that the color I almost AWAYS use is a nice dark brown…it's a great color. The Rustoleum Hammered or the Krylon Oil rubbed bronze are my favorite. I have never bought a bright yellow spray paint before but I ventured outside my comfort zone and so happy I did!

  9. I love them! I actually wondered recently how I'd take the edge off the brightness of spray paint and the brown glaze is the perfect solution!

  10. Christina @ Floridays Mom10/31/12, 12:04 AM

    Saw your post on YHL, love the planters with a glaze. I'm a sucker for spray painting everything, love the idea of putting a glaze over it, looks especially cute on the porch for Fall. so festive!

  11. The yellow looks fab with your front door and the pumpkins! Amazing how spray paint improves everything!

  12. Thank you for linking up with the Clever Chicks this week; I hope you’ll join us again!

    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick

  13. Love them! what a steel and yes yellow is great - goes with a lot of things.


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