All About Foyers and Entries! Focal Points and Eye Candy

Sarah over at Thrifty Decor Chick is doing a fun link up party so I thought it was a great opportunity to show all the details of my "foyer" - I suppose it's more of an entry, but my guess is you guys are fine with it being called a foyer for the purposes above!


(make sure your entry comes complete with your own cute little barefooted scurry maid - ha!)

Remember when I did a post about 10 easy home decor tips?   Number 9 was about how important first impressions are!  (i.e. the entry!!)  With some simple furniture arrangements and deciding on a focal point anyone can turn their entry into something special.


My favorite part of the room is the iron grilles.  I had a wonderful iron worker create them up for me.  He was good, inexpensive and fast!  My goal was to have one wall in my entry be the focal point. As I stated in the previous post, it is really good to give your eye a focal point, something to set your eyes on when you walk into a home.

I have to laugh at how much I even enjoy the SHADOW it leaves in the entry wall at night :-)

If you are wondering what is on the other side of the iron window it's my dining room :-)

Another substantial part of my entry is the ceiling.  Using natural rough sawn wood beams along with the clay walls and iron accents really lend itself to a Tuscan, Old World design style.

Let's take a look at some other entries/foyers around blog land.  

My motto is, "Why invent the wheel"  

If you see something you love, add it to YOUR room.  I didn't come up with the idea to put an iron "window" in my new home.  I saw it in a magazine and said, "I MUST have that somewhere in my new house!"

Don't be bashful in copying an idea that someone else came up with....I mean who knows, they may have just been copying it from someone else too! :-)

I love how this entry not only has stairs off to the left but also has a welcoming focal point using the teal sofa and the console table.  Notice they also bring nature inside with a pile of birch logs and a green topiary. You can make your own topiary ball and stand like the one below following the highlighted link.  OH and that brick flooring is so rustic and tactile!

This is such a warm entry - they chose such a creamy antique yellow paint for the walls!  Once again they draw your eye in with a console table and some lovely large flowers.

I am absolutely in love with the way Mmm Crafts put up this whimsical plate display.  She didn't even have a large entry and yet she was sure to give your eye a decadent focal point!  If anyone would like to know a way to make a FREE plate hanger be sure and stop by my recent post about that!

Of course, I could go on and on......isn't this is what blogging is all about??  Lots of eye candy and learning new tricks? :-)

Till the next inspiration hits!


  1. Your entry is beautiful. I love ironwork and swirly things. And that shadow? I am SO with you girl!

  2. Great tips! Thanks for putting that together. My entryway right now is more of a mud room and you have inspired me to pay some attention to giving it some class!!


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