How to Decorate with Birch Logs - Add Rustic Decor.

Sometimes I'll admit, it's just the little things that excite me. :-)

I asked a landscape friend of mine to collect some birch logs the next time they go trimming trees .  A few months later he showed up with a truck FULL of them!  WOWZERS, I was only hoping for a few logs but hey, that was GREAT!  I probably should have taken them all but I just grabbed about 20 logs and told him I was set. 

You see, I ADORE texture and I ADORE barked trees.  Honestly is there anything more beautiful than rippling crumbling bark full of white, tan and black?  OK, no need to answer that question ;-) I guess I just have this strange passion towards logs - ha!

I was looking and found this log online.....

 It was from SAVE ON CRAFTS where ONE log is on SALE for 17.99 (reg. 27.99)  I am going to text my friend right now and tell him I'll take the truck load - SERIOUSLY!!!!  I mean how much do they charge on top of that to ship the darn log??? 

I am in the wrong business folks, I should be selling birch logs!
I also can't believe how sidetracked I am getting with this post - sorry.

Here are a few pictures of what I did with my birch logs for my decor.

I picked up that iron log holder for 2 bucks guessed it, the thrift store.

My fireplace isn't even real, it's gas.....but I just like to trick people that it's real - hee,hee.

I also put a few log settings on my front porch. 

Can you see why I love them so much???

They are just full of amazing character that only God can give them.

As far as CRAFTS related to birch logs goes - well there are a TON, to many for me to add to this post so I promise I'll do a birch log craft post soon.

So whose thinking, "Who do I know that can get me some BIRCH logs!!"??

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