A Rustic Christmas Front Porch Makeover!

I had a lot of fun making my rustic front porch "sparkle" with Christmas!  

Like I mentioned in previous posts, I rarely buy anything during the peak season but always think what I might need and then buy it at the end of the year for at LEAST 75% off.  I bought this plain wreath because it was VERY cheap.  I also bought a few fun things to add to the wreath.  I would be surprised if I spent more than 15.00 on everything.

Here is the wreath before hot glueing on my Christmas items.

And the AFTER!

I LOVE those command strips! (temporary hooks to hold up items). I was so scared to use them  at first because I just didn't get how they could come off clean without messing up the wood but they work SO WELL!  

My absolute FAVORITE part is the little bird that my mother in law gave me last year.  She bought it from Pier One at the end of last season.  I would love to do my entire Christmas tree in woodsy birds like that. :-)

My kids wanted me to do the red lights - I wasn't so sure about it but now that they are up, I think the kids had the right idea :-)

This is directly to the left on the entry.....I just added a few leftover things here and there.  I really enjoyed using a bunch of baby Christmas trees.....it soften the area.  

Rustic Christmas Front Porch Vignette

Is there anything warmer than glowing Christmas lights at your front door?

I'd totally invite you in if you lived by me!

Come check out a my Reindeer and Twig Mantel :-)

The twig wreath was only 12.00 at Michaels!!


  1. Looking festively beautiful! Plus you have great doors!

    =) Brooke

  2. Gorgeous front porch...you did a fantastic job...and just love your fabulous front door!!!

  3. At first I was thinking "Whoa, amazing door!" Then I got to the rest of the photos...what a beautiful porch you have! Nice work!

    1. Awww.....that is sweet Lindsay :-)

  4. Love the wreath - if you want to make me one, feel free ;)

    Selina, you always do such beautiful designs - such an amazing eye for that sort of thing. Looks lovely!

    1. We could have a girls craft night and make them together :-) Why do we live 5 hours away?? :-)


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