What Can You Do with Birch Logs? Creative Juices Award

As promised, I am doing a Creative Juices Award post on crafts/decor for Birch Logs!! 

If you haven't seen my own birch log post - be sure and check out what I did when I friend gave me a whole pile of the logs!

I just love this foyer (you may remember it from a previous post) but look how they used the birch logs.    It's as simple as just sticking them under a table. :-) This home is so spacious and classy, yet the logs and green topiaries make the space homey.

What about using the logs to fill an ENTIRE unused fireplace.  What a wonderful and warm statement it creates!  It brings life back into a very white surrounding.

I love how they played up the fact that the birch logs are white and put them against the red poinsettias. Very fun Christmas Decor idea!

Off Pinterest, no source found

You can use these birch logs as table decor - vases, centerpieces anything!


This is a very traditional way to use the birch logs - just take a drill bit that makes a hole and put in your own votive candles!



And since we're talking about candles and using natural (maybe even free) resources, this is one of my favorite candle making project - come stop by and check out the easy ice candle tutorial :-)

Till the next inspiration!!  Thanks for reading my friends!

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  1. I LOVE birch trees! Something about them just looks so refined and classic. I love the decor ideas you put together :)



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