Wreaths, Burlap, Pinecones and Glue Guns - Rustic Decor

Sometimes it is the simple things that can turn a very regular item into chic home decor.

All you need is a glue gun, pinecones and some burlap fabric - let me show you :-)

I bought these poinsettias on the end of the year 75% off clearance....I believe they were  $5.00 a piece.

I'm not saying that bright shiny gold is a bad thing, but it just isn't the latest in the home decor fashion and sometimes it makes it look cheap. :-)

No worries though, I bought a chunk of burlap at a thrift store for .50 cents although I don't think it's very expensive in the fabric store. (especially if you an use a coupon!)

Simply wrap your poinsettias in burlap (use hot glue to hold it in place) and tie raffia around it to add a simple finish!  VOILA!

Now about that Mistletoe ball.....it came with no decorations on it and a CHEESY red ribbon.  I just hot glued some pinecones on it and some beads, threaded through a cut piece of burlap and it's very "chic" now :-)

So here's to a Christmas filled with Burlap, Hot Glue and Pinecones :-)  Oh and Love, Peace and Joy ;-)

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  1. One of the great things about Christmas decorations is that there are no limits and the possibilities are ENDLESS. You can do whatever suits your taste and it works! I like the burlap so much better than the gold paper!

  2. I'm loving this idea, thank you!!

  3. Christina @ Floridays Mom12/7/12, 7:06 AM

    Love it. You are so right..the simple burlap around the poinsettias changes everything. Beautiful

  4. Hi Selina! I wanted to thank you for your sweet comments on my blog and wanted to answer your question but it showed up as no reply comment...I finally found you!!!
    So to answer your question about my ball ornaments & mantle...When my hubby built it(which is actually a hollowed out bi-fold door) he put trim around it which created a lip on it...The hooks "hook" right on it...easy peasy!

    And now for a little praise for you...I am in love with the mistletoe ball!!! Definitely putting this on my to do list!


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