Ideas For a Warm Romantic Master Bedroom - Add Drapes!

I'll start off this post with a very romantic bedroom photo that I have had on file (even before Pinterest - GASP!)

And an up close of the old frame with a picture behind it.

Or how about this bedroom - they used distressed doors for the base of the shabby chic platform bed and a antique mantel as a headboard!!!  LOVE THAT!

OK on to the title of my post.......One of my favorite ways to make a bedroom cozy is to add drapes that run floor to ceiling.  Not only will the drapes add height to a room, they will add a lot of warmth and great texture.


In Sherry and Johns (Young House Love) first house they show how fabric can soften their bedroom too.

young house love

If you know exactly where you will be putting your bed, making a built in niche is fun way to make your room feel custom.  Notice they also have floor to ceiling drapes.

Although I didn't run drapes (yet!) around my personal master bedroom - I did sew my own drapes in the sitting bench area.

My Own Bedroom - a work in process!

The drapes in this bedroom add a lot of softness.  Although they did not run these floor to ceiling, I love the way they border the bed and the low window.

The way they choose to accent the orange by long drapes does wonders for this room!


And Lastly, this is a lovely bedroom with bamboo shades and patterned drapes running to the floor.  Look at all the texture they bring into the room with the shaggy bedspread, fluffy carpet and the detailed chandelier!

Do you have drapes in your bedroom? If you don't, after reading this are you thinking about adding them??


  1. Hi Selina, I'm in the midst of sprucing up my bedroom and about to add drapes to the room for the first time. I have shutters on the windows now and I'm going to frame the windows with full length drapes. In navy ticking stripe. So thanks for your post. I'm really excited now.

    1. Hi Anne! Isn't that the best when you get confirmation of a design decision you are about to make - Go for it! Send me a before and after picture when you are done :-)

  2. Hi, How do you get that gorgeous look on your bedroom walls? Im redoing my upstairs rooms and I was thinking I'd like to do that to one of my rooms thats painted a fairly bright yellow to mute it down a bit without losing the gorgeous yellow color.

    1. Hi Kim,
      On my walls are actually a clay player product called American Clay. You can read more about it by clicking the highlighted master bedroom link or enter American Clay in my search bar. After I read what you wrote, I'm thinking the best way for you to achieve a look similar to mine with your already painted yellow room.....mix a ratio of 4:1 GLAZE to cream paint and either rag it over the yellow or use a 3" brush and do criss criss strokes with a little if the mixture (now on the wall) dabbed away with a rag. It would look gorgeous, textured and buttery! Gook luck, I'm here to help!

  3. I do have drapes in my bedroom along with roman shades and they add such a nice touch and softness. Love this bedrooms you've shown here. My house idea board on pinterest is getting bigger!!!

  4. WOW! I love your blog and find so much inspiration for home decor and yummy healthy recipes too!!! ...The 1st photo of the 'very romantic bedroom' you wrote about I saw before pinterest too and have been looking for it again ever since! Haha! ...and was bummed I lost it, but the image has alway been in my mind and the inspiration for my MB with tans/burlap, black & white. I'm SO glad you saved it and posted it up on your blog again so I could find it and now pin in, lol! Thank you again!!!! You have great taste!!!


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