A Little Getaway in Idaho

Have you ever just come to a point where you know you HAVE to have a little getaway or you'll go crazy!!??  Well that was us this past weekend, so we traveled east and went to the most awkward and DELIGHTFUL little towns of Kellogg and Wallace Idaho.  


Well because every place we entered looked like it was created from the show PICKERS :-)  

That is the show where these two guys travel around the US collecting old things like oil cans and vintage signs to sell in their shop.  I actually love that show, it's just I'm not used to an entire TOWN looking like that!  

 I did LOVE that large rooster!  Oh that is so funny, I just noticed how they tried to make the word Restaurant sound all fancy and ethnic by adding the E at the end.....nope, not working as the title Red Light Garage just doesn't fit the part!

I actually thought they might be serious about this one! (OK maybe not but I wouldn't put it past them!)

I DO think they were serious about this motel!  They had a space ship right next to it.  

We stayed at a wonderful place in Kellogg.  (It was very classy, nothing like the stardust motel!)

I thought the foyer was delightful with that vintage factory cart table from Restoration Hardware and rock faced fireplace.


There was a big water slide park in the building next to us.  The kids spent hours in there while my sweet husband chased after them!  I spent hours in the hot tub, yes I did. :-)

Lastly we had a chance to get out in the most BEAUTIFUL weather of the year so far!  The area had this amazing bike trail that went for miles.  

We brought my youngest bike up without her training wheels (we were either stupid or genius!) and only a few crashes later, she was up and pedaling like the rest of us!  (So ya, just to clerify, we were genius - hee, hee!)

I can't get over how GORGEOUS it was!!!!!

We stopped by a few playgrounds along the way - I LOVED how old this Merry-go-round was!  I'm sure it was vintage ;-)  I wanted to take it home and stick it on my wall somewhere, anywhere - LOL!

We had the best time ever - we wore the kids out and enjoyed a break ourselves :-)

Hope you enjoyed this little non design related post!  

Here's to a great start of an enjoyable summer my friends!

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