Flowers and String Lights on the Pergola - Summer Project!


It's finally here (at least over in Idaho!)  Today is the LAST day of school for my kids.   Summer break has officially started and I'm totally ready to go camping and just relax and enjoy the sunshine.

selina hoit landscape ideas

I am very excited that my next Summer Project will be glamorizing my pergola.  I want to add lots of flowers and hanging outdoor string lights!  

I just got the most BEAUTIFUL hanging flowers and put them up which was all the motivation I needed.  

(Now I just need the money to design what's in this head of mine- ha!)  

EDIT:  Come check out my completed dream pergola!  I spent HOURS researching the best (and coolest looking) PATIO STRING LIGHTS.

outdoor string patio lights

I found this delightful inspirational photo - I couldn't believe how much the set up was already like mine.  

Patio string Light idea
Seasonal Living

Of course, adding lights will really add ambiance.  I just love how lively and yet cozy this set up is!

hanging patio lights
real simple

Or how about adding some paper lanterns?  Wouldn't that be fun!

Luna Bazaar


So here is phase ONE......there will probably be 10 phases of the process but I'm hoping it's dreamy by the end of the summer

pergola flowers lights

The fountain has officially been turned on and we just sit outside now - have I mentioned I love the summer?  

landscape flowers fountain

So, the flowers are I'm going to buy patio string lights.  

outdoor pergola

Updated photo!  See my Best Patio String Lights Post!

(can you tell I'm a little excited about them - hee,hee) 

Outdoor String Lights

Till the next installment......I will let you know it has something to do with a Curly Willow tree which is also on my backyard patio :-)

Enjoy your week!

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  1. Super Model Selina!! I love pergolas --- makes evenings so fun and cozy!

  2. First of all, the most beautiful decoration of all is you surrounded by your flowers!! What do you think about a couple of chandeliers for your pergola? Lynda

    1. Oh that would be LOVELY! Chandeliers or any fun things hanging from the rafters. :-) I do enjoy those flowers! I need a drip line to them though so if I leave for the weekend they don't die!!!


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