It's a Small World Nursery Theme - World Map on Canvas

If you can't tell by now, I LOVE it when readers send me photos of the things they made inspired by my blog.

The latest couple to email me photos was Paul & Karissa.  

They used the theme "It's a Small World" for their son's nursery.  

They picked the "small world" theme because of their love of Disneyland and world travel: in their 13 years of marriage they have traveled to over 30 countries together and in the last 9 years living in Southern California had Disneyland annual passes and went a total of 150 times!!! 

Here they are in the process of hanging it on the wall - isn't the flag boarder on the a map perfect addition to the Small World theme!

Now all put together....

And the complete nursery!!!!

Here was Karissa's insider tips on how she made her version of my Map on Canvas.

"It was actually quite a battle to avoid wrinkling or tearing our thin, non-laminated Goodwill map that's been in the closet for ages.  Our solution was to gently wet down the back of the paper before attaching it to the canvas.  After all that, we decided NOT to age it, preferring the nice clean blue look.  Our contribution, though, was transforming the "flags of the world" section that was at the bottom into a border that goes all the way around. Thank you for your inspiration!"

So for anyone else out there - you can click over to see a complete step by step tutorial on how to make your own map on canvas.  

Send me a picture if you decide to make one!  Thanks Karissa and Paul :-)

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