A Visit to Ireland's Lisheen Castle - Downton Abbey Lovers Dream Destination/Vacation

Last year I was introduced to the television series Downton Abbey.  I was HOOKED (and so was my husband, and that's saying something!)  Honestly, it just puts you in another world.  So, when my in laws sent me some photos of THEIR castle stay in Ireland I knew I MUST show my readers.

You can RENT this castle out!  Ya, you can sleep and eat there!  My in law's friends had a big family reunion and rented out the castle for all of them.  It just so happened that it was at the same time my in laws were up there too (they were there for 2 months!) so they stopped over for a night.  Really, if you have enough people staying there and divide up the cost, it is NOT all that bad.  You can see the owners website for rates. His name is Zane and my inlaws said he's a super nice guy :-)  He and his wife were the ones that had to vision to restore it.

Here they are - my wonderful in laws......they are also my neighbors, we missed them!

I think my favorite room was what was probably the servants quarters!  Nothing add as much character as an old rock wall.  Lovely.

This was their view from their room.......

Can you just IMAGINE sitting out there drinking tea and reading a good book?!

And here is where most people would eat.  Ya, like if you were there, YOU would be eating at that table.  I just think that's so cool :-)

This looks like a guy room....maybe this is where they would go for their cigars and cocktails after dinner?  I don't know, maybe I have been watching too much Downton Abbey :-)

And well this looks like the ladies room....no, not the bathroom :-)  You know what I mean, a room the ladies might hang out in and cross stitch?  OK, now I KNOW I've been watching too much TV!  

Beautiful stairs leading up the the bedrooms - Maximum capacity is 16 people!

They have titled this "My Lady's Room"

Look at that wonderful grand piano!  Ah, I would just LOVE to stay here!

And that's it for the Lisheen Castle Tour!  What do you think?  

Have you ever done anything like this yourself?  


  1. Beautiful post. I love the rock walls and hand painted sky. Lynda

    1. Hee, hee Lynda, I knew YOU would really like seeing this post! I am always in awe of all the paintings you do!


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