Colorado Red American Clay Before and After Entry

My in-laws are my neighbors and yes, it's a GREAT thing :-)  

They have been gone for 2 months in Ireland.  While they were away, one of their closest friends  heavily encouraged me to do their entry in American Clay before they came back.  I had talked about it forever with my mother in law and I knew she would be very blessed so I buckled down and began the project.

So, instead of reading my great novel (ha, I don't have time to read!) I got all the stuff out of my garage and walked over their house and got right to it.

Here are the BEFORE shots.

Upon walking in the door.

And magically after many days and many hours - this appeared!



OK so I'll go back a few steps :-) 

Step one:

 Initiate a helper....a willing child is a great choice :-)

Apply one coat of American Clay Earth Plaster.  Tell me that looks good enough to eat. :-)

After it dries, skip trowel another layer of American Clay on top.

Up close shot as the clay is drying.  Isn't that cool!

And the comparison.......Don't you wish I was your neighbor?  Hee, hee!

Their friend Chuck Gause is the most talented water color artist I know!  He did that beautiful bear painting.

Up close of the final dried product.  I used the Enjarre American Clay and the pigment (color) was Colorado Red.

And this is the other side of the entry.....I love a console table with lamps and a mirror.  That is such a staple for a good entry focal point.  I have a post dedicated on tips  to make your entry stand out.  You'll be happy you read it!

What do you think?  

Do you have a small space you would like to add American Clay too? 

You can see MANY more examples of the clay in other rooms by entering American Clay on the right hand side search bar.

Hope you enjoyed seeing yet another room makeover!

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