I'm COLD, he's HOT - Sleep Number DualTemp Blog Review

I have had so much fun working with with the Sleep Number company.  They asked if I would like to review their newest innovation the DualTemp Layer.

My first thought was, 

Are you saying I don't have to get into a FREEZING cold bed every night!!?  And my husband's first thought was, You mean I don't have to get into a HOT bed every night!!?  

Yes yes, my husband and I get along VERY well but when it comes to the climate zone.....we have issues ;-)  

I am always freezing and he is always hot.  We have the battle of the thermostat daily.

So off we went to our local Sleep Number store to check out the DualTemp Layer.

As you can see, I'm trying to do my very best Vanna White impression. :-)

After talking to our Sleep Number rep Barb, what amazed me the most was that the product works by AIR circulating, not electricity.....no electrical currents covering my body like electric blankets do!  The goal is for the DualTemp Layer, along with your normal covers, to work like a cocoon of circulating warm or cool air .  It has a small air filtration box that you would put either to the side of your bed or under it.  

How cool (or hot) is that?.....Yes, pun intended :-)

This is quite the awkward photo.....but, there was no way my husband was going to crawl into bed and have me put that on my blog! :-)

We have now had the DualTemp Layer on our bed for 2 weeks. Yes, they did give me this to review, but you guys know, all these opinions are my own.  :-)

The Review:

The product arrived in a big box that was very well organized.  The manual was on the outside of the bag in a plastic pocket.  My husband said it was very easy to set up on the bed and probably took him 20 minutes. (No stress, no irritation trying to put it up - YEA!) 

The first night I had mine set on the heat level TWO and my hubby had it set on cold THREE.  

The Result:

When I woke up I realized that our bed covers hadn't moved all night!  Neither one of us tossed or turned!  In general, our bed is a disaster in the morning.....that was very interesting, it meant we must have slept very well - right?

I decided that I didn't need the heat all through the night, the next night I'd set it for an hour as the problem I have is trying to fall asleep in a cold bed (my body just won't relax) but, I've never had problems after I have fallen asleep.  My husband on the other hand, woke up cold!  This is HILARIOUS!  That has never happened to him!  (He wakes up hot all the time, has to go to the thermostat and make it colder.....which bugs me so much!)  He ended up turning his down all the way to level one and in the morning, turned our air conditioner down.  (Hey, that will save us some money!)  He totally loved it.  He also loved that there is this very faint fan noise.  He has tinnitus so a small white noise really helps with the ringing in his ear.  I don't like noises, but the fan was quiet enough that it didn't raise any issues of dislike for me.  

  You can either put the layer under your sheet or just lay it on top (the grey casing is washable).  We put ours under the sheet.  We both enjoyed the feel the layer gave on the bed as it is lined with a memory foam.  In general, my husband likes his bed "hard" but said he liked that extra layer.  He said, "it still kept my bed plenty firm." You have a wireless remote that you can set to either hot or cold (this has 3 setting like warm, warmer and warmest)  It takes around 20 minutes to warm up if you are setting it to hot, and when I say hot, it's not really hot, but a cozy warm.  I have had an electric blanket years ago and that can get hot, this just gets to a very comfortable warm and takes the edge off of getting into a COLD bed.   The remote also has a timer on it where you can set it to turn off anywhere from 1 hr on up, but automatically turns off after 10 hours. 

Final thoughts after 2 week review:

I am the type of person who has to take a hot bath EVERY night in order to feel relaxed enough to go to sleep.  Being able to relax my body from the moment I step into the covers has been wonderful.  If I want to take a bath I do, but it's no longer a must to get my body relaxed.  My husband no longer has to crank the AC on in order to sleep through the night.  I would say, my husband and I will enjoy this product for many years to come.  

Our Tuscan bedroom - click to see whole tour.

You can check out their website for even more information:

Can you guess what I like?  Ya, a soft, cuddly and now a very WARM bed to snuggle in.  You can see more mattress reviews by clicking the highlighted link.

I'm a very happy camper :-)
If interested, please see my full disclosure policy.

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