Ideas on How to Use Stone Veneer on an Interior Wall.

I personally can't get enough of bringing natural outside elements into the inside of a home.  Clay, rocks, greenery, name it, if I can bring it inside and I have the budget, I will!

So today's post is some DECADENT eye candy regarding bringing stone (whether real or veneer) inside your house!  

At first you might think, oh, I could never do that, or isn't it super hard?  

Well actually no, it's not!  Lowes put on a super simple YouTube video showing an easy way to do a stone veneer interior wall, but really, just think about is the same principle as adding tile to a wall.....not hard at all and the OUTCOME?

Oh my, Gorgeoso!

It wouldn't need to be a huge area in your home, what about just doing ONE accent wall like the one below in your master bedroom?

Or how about something like this one small wall in the dining room?  It's such a neutral color scheme but the texture of the rock adds a whole new exciting element.

Ah, OK I'm starting to dream.....but isn't this so beautiful!

As you can see by the picture below, bringing natural elements inside can make for such a peaceful surrounding.

This kitchen below.......

Reminds me of the Irish Lisheen castle kitchen my inlaws just visited!

ONE last dream picture......

C'mon folks, tell me if this was YOUR workout room you would be working out every day.....or maybe just sitting in the chair admiring you amazing stone walls - hee,hee!

                        Traditional Home Gym by Southlake Design-Build Firms Tatum Building Corp
Most photos came from

What do you guys think?

I know a lot of these pictures are more traditional but you can also add rock accents to a modern home and it looks amazing.....I love bringing in the old with the new.....make a space SO EXCITING!

Hope you got as inspired as I am!


  1. I love all of those rooms and love rock/stones inside and out. Thanks for letting us know about Lowe's stone veneer. Lynda

  2. What kind of stone did you use for the bedroom?

    1. hi Zach, I'm not positive on the exact stone but the front of my own home looks a LOT like that and I used Buck County Country Ledgerstone 80% with Bucks Country Distressed Fieldstone 20% You can search my home tour tab on the top of this blog to see pictures of that is also on my fireplace. Best of luck!


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