Tina St. John Jewelry Giveaway!

I am delighted to introduce to you my newest sponsor, Tina St. John Jewelry.

Original handcrafted jewelry
made from fine silver, sterling silver, gold-filled metals, copper and bronze.

She is giving away one of her $68.00 Odyssey Bracelets with Within bead!!  Everything she makes is one of a kind and tells a story.

above is the Odyssey bracelet with the Within bead
It's the JOURNEY along the way, that makes up your LIFE....

The fun part about the bracelet is you can keep adding beads to it. Here are what each separate bead represent:

SWORD OF TRUTH.....courage 
WITHIN ...the journey begins within. 
THRIVE...growing and expanding. 
FLOW OF LIFE....harmony 
VICTORY...triumphantly overcoming obstacles 

She has specially made it so that Creative Juices Decor readers can get FREE SHIPPING (US only) from now till end of December on any item purchased! - That's very cool as Christmas is right around the corner  - these would make a special gift.  

I have had a lot of fun looking through her collections.  I'll display some of my personal favorites:

(see her ad on the sidebar!)

I really enjoy the "folk art" feeling of this piece.

Simply Classic!

I love the handcrafted loop on top with the small ball.....

These are her personal "go to" earrings - 
I can see why- they would go with anything and look amazing!

and the.....

Copper silver and bronze! "The sun and it's many rays of light"

Of course, I could keep adding to the list but it's YOUR TURN!!!  

Leave me a comment with your favorite piece from TSJ store AND be sure and check it off in the official giveaway entry form.  You enter your email in the form so no need to leave it in the comments. 

Have fun!  (Giveaway ends Nov. 24th)

Thank you Tina!


  1. I like the feather necklace or the life earrings!

  2. I oh I love them! Especially the angel wings earrings and the open circle necklace.

  3. The fancy heart is my favorite.

  4. the copper loops are so pretty!

  5. I like the rose leaves
    roddjackson at hotmail dot com

  6. Love that fancy heart necklace!

  7. I really like the sunshine bracelet and the fancy open circle earrings. Beautiful!

  8. I love the sun shine bracelet, the cooper loops would look so pretty with these too! Di@Cottage-wishes

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  10. I love the Birds Nest earrings and shared on fb https://www.facebook.com/dee.gol.5/posts/10200993040015425

  11. I really like the Open Circle earrings.

  12. I like the Swirling earrings.

  13. I like the Birds nest earrings

  14. Love the Sunshine Bracelet

  15. Love the angel wings earrings!


  16. She is giving away one of her $68.00 Odyssey Bracelets with Within bead!! Everything she makes is one of a kind and tells a story. mirabellejewellery.co.uk


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