Kid Craft Ideas During Christmas or Winter Break

I have always been someone who LOVES being crafty.  Even as a kid, play dough was my best friend.

So I wanted to put a post together of some EASY but time filled crafts that either you as a parent or a grandparent could do with the kids for Christmas or even during the winter break.  

One of my FAVORITE craft is making these Stained Glass Cookies 

Along with the specific sugar cookie dough, you just crush up hard candies and create your masterpiece! (note to self: SAVE Halloween hard candies for this craft!)

Another fun experiment to do is make some Rock Candy!

It takes some time for the rock crystals to form, but my kids love making this!

How about a really simple craft (for the younger ones!)  Just grab some yarn and fruit loop cereal and they can make their own edible necklace.  I love crafts that can keep a kid entertained and focused and it doesn't take a lot of work on my part - ha!!!  You could even make this extra special by purchasing some little charms that they could put on the necklace between fruit loops!

Talking about food you remember ever doing potato stamp art ?  You simply cut up a potato with a shape on the top, dip it in your paint and CREATE!

When my friend did this, she used all the artwork her kids created as custom wrapping paper! 

And lastly, how about making some fun SMELLY playdough as a Christmas Break craft!

This one is Gingerbread but you could make whatever flavor you wanted!  We added a bunch of gold glitter to this batch to really make it sparkle.

I hope this has given you some fun crafty ideas for Christmas and the break.  

ENJOY and have fun with those kiddos this lovely season.


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