Do It Yourself Creative Headboards Ideas Using Shutters, Doors, Windows or Fireplace Mantels

 A headboard is such a vital part in a bedroom.  It gives the room a focal point and creates much needed substance. A lot of times, a bed will just look as if it's "floating" in the room without a headboard.  Believe me, if you do not have a headboard, adding one will change the entire look of your room!   I am always impressed to see how people can find ordinary objects and turn them into a custom designed headboard! 

Take a look at how this couple used a set of old windows with a unique window pane pattern to spice up their bed.  This would be considered a shabby chic style. Personally, I would remove the glass as I wouldn't want any shattered glass accidents!

Jennifer from Decorating Made Easy found this old door at an antique shop for $20.00.  She just added wood moulding around it and became the perfect headboard!

Decorating Ideas Made Easy

This is such a UNIQUE wood piece - I couldn't find the original source but I'm guessing it was taken from an old reclaimed wood structure or maybe made for the bed with reclaimed wood.  Whatever they did -  I think it's wonderful and made such a rustic statement.  

I have seen wooden shutters used time and time again as headboards.  I think it's a fantastic idea to hang either a photo or an art piece in the center to break up all the lines.  These twin beds would look so plain without these large shutter headboards.  This bedroom vignette has a bit of a French Country look.

The next two headboards were crafted from fireplace mantels!  I know you would really need go on a treasure hunt to find the perfect piece but what an amazing find these are! 

I LOVE how they incorporated a soft tufted pad to the center of this could you go wrong....a fireplace visual at the top of your cozy feather bed :-)

Another fun idea is just to take a LARGE piece of art and use it for a headboard.

One of my close friends designed this poster art piece for above her clients headboard.  It adds a lot of height and character to the bed.  She actually took a bunch of frames and glued them together.  Next she cut out and inserted a large poster piece into each frame!  It is such a GREAT way to not spend a lot of money but accomplish a wonderful look.

Creative Juices Decor

If you have ever wondered how to make your own simple headboard, Jon and Sherry from Young House Love gives you a great DIY headboard tutorial.  

Another "frugal" option is to check your local thrift store for a headboard.  If you make a point to just stop in once a week to see what's new, I can almost guarantee that you will find an amazing headboard there!  Keep in mind, that you can ALWAYS paint it a different color or fix it up just a bit how you want it.

This is one of my favorite thrift store finds.  It was actually a foot board so I just added some 2x4 legs to get it the correct height and VOILA - a gorgeous headboard for only SEVEN BUCKS!!!!

If you don't have a headboard, or just need a change - I hope this post has inspired some ideas!  Have a great weekend my friends!

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  1. Such fabulous ideas. I especially like the fireplace mantels. Thank you for keeping us inspired!


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