Pinterest From the View of a Teenager - Craft Edition

Well, It happened.  My 13 year old TEENAGER asked if she could have her own Pinterest account.  :-)

She's actually not a super "crafty" girl, but OH my!  So far, she has probably pinned and made more projects/recipes than I have!

She had to give me her password, but that's a must in our household when it comes to the internet.  (plus I am hoping now that she knows I have her password she will stop pinning so many Thor posters on her "Avengers Assemble" have to watch out for those Marvel comic characters! ) :-)

Found on her Pinterest Board :-)

Her first project was making an amazing Chai Tea Latte.....She used brewed tea bags, lots of different spices with milk, water and sugar....OH and some cream with real vanilla in it.  SUPER YUMMY!

Her next adventure was making a SPRITE and GUMMY BEAR Popsicle!  I'll admit I did not try the concoction but according to my children, it was amazing too :-)

Simply stuff some gummy bears in a popsicle mold and carefully pour in some sprite.  Freeze away!

I will say, the designer in me loved the pretty colors!

And in the light - even prettier.  :-)

It was a BIG be sure and pin this on your board for summer fun!!

And just a few other random things I enjoyed on my 13 year old's Pinterest board was.....

A friendship puzzle necklace set....

You use real puzzle pieces covered in mod podge and cover in pretty paper or spray paint them chrome.  I thought that was a lovely idea for a girl's birthday party as no one would get left out of having a piece of a "friendship" necklace.  

And one of her closest friends is turning 13 on the her Golden Birthday.  My daughter plans on making her a gift based on the picture below.  I also realized you could make one full of fun black gifts for someones "over the hill" 40th birthday :-)  

(*update edit* We had SO much fun making this "golden sunshine" birthday package - a lot of the things I bought at the dollar store.  It was a huge hit - I should have taken a picture of ours too - opps! :-)

You can get that little sunshine print off Happy Money Saver.

I also enjoyed looking through this 35 easy DIY gift ideas everyone will love article.  It seems harder and harder to get creative with gift giving so this was a fun to get some creativity going!

So far so good with having her own Pinterest I'm just hoping she'll start a yummy dinner board so I can blog instead of cook meals every night - ha! :-)

Here are two of my favorite EASY and fun gift pins :-)

Stained Glass Cookies - Any Holiday

Have a great weekend my friends!

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  1. The wording that is accompanying your Box of Yellow, is that available online or was this just something your created yourself? I'm a school secretary and would love to make this for our teachers for Teacher Appreciation week. Thank you.

    1. Hi Sheila! I just added the link to where you can download your own You Are My Sunshine sticker for your yellow gift box. Have fun! The teachers will LOVE it!


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