Father's Day Weekend Camping Trip - Best Hammocks and Decorated Beer Tables

I hope you all had a great Father's Day weekend.  I thought I'd do a quick mid week post on how our Father's Day weekend camping trip went.

It was drizzling rain most the time but when you have 5 silly kids (2 belonged to the friends we went with) a tennis racket/ball and 2 dogs how can you NOT have tons of fun? :-)

OH, and the most gorgeous location ever!

Seriously, this was a FREE camping spot located on forestry property.  Of course, being that it was a area just off the side of the road we had to "dry" camp which means there are NO bathrooms/showers etc.  For those that have read my blog for a while, you know that if I can catch and stab a crab while it's still alive I can handle not taking a shower for a few days - hee,hee.

Since it was drizzly most the days, we had a big warm fire from morning till night - I loved that!  The fire pit was huge!

In the picture below, I am proud to say my daughter was officially thinking with her head by bringing her umbrella so she could eat around the fire without getting rained on. :-)

And in this other picture I'm pretty sure she was thinking with her foot......I'll let you insert whatever mischievous little 6 year old thoughts that might have been going on - hee,hee.

We got my husband a  XXL Hand Woven Hammock for Father's Day, a good friend recommended this hammock and I have to say it's simply AWESOME! :-)

It's super comfortable and I love that it's easy to take with us camping and so easy to store.

It can fit ONE person - 
(No, I was not reminded of the Hobbit and the spiders wrapping up their prey - hee,hee)

TWO people

Or FOUR :-)

Seriously, what a fun hammock!  I had to laugh at the comment review someone left for this hammock:

"Sturdy and big, have used it daily in place of a couch/chair and occasionally for sleeping for 5 months with no frayed strings."

Ummmm.....well, need I say more? - hahahahaha! Who needs a couch when you could just set this up in front of your TV and have the whole family enjoy swaying and snuggling together watching the evening shows! AND I know you guys have always wanted a comfortable new bed for under 100 bucks (I hope you guys are laughing as I sure crack MYSELF up!)  :-)

And for those that are desperate for me to give you some interior design advice :-)  Here is my best tip for making the perfect camping end table. :-)  

1.)  First, drink good beer  :-)
(Rest assured, I did not drink any beer while writing this post - only coffee - promise)

2.)  Hammer in all your beer bottle caps in a leftover wood stump.  

3.)  Next, put a fern on top to create the right homey environment for your camping adventures - hee,hee.

VOILA, the perfect decorated camping table! ;-)

(If you are not a beer drinker but a wine drinker you can check out my painted wine bottle post for more design tips!)

Enjoy my friends!  


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