Landscaping the Sports Court Continues and our Family Trip

Hi Friends!

Summer has officially hit!  Well, not officially, as I believe June 21st is the official day but it's been hot and feels quite summery over here in Idaho. Oh, and today is the last day of school for my kids! I'm actually thrilled for the school commute to be over with. :-)  Three kids in three different schools.....driving them to and from has been challenging!

The sports court is coming right along......we got a few more trees planted. :-)

I told our landscape friend that I have always wanted fruit trees in my yard.  Growing up we had this odd, lonely plum tree that I had SO much fun eating from.  (yes, it is the little things in life that make me happy!) Well our friend just informed me that he had a nice big plum tree to plant.  We have a lot of deer though so he had to completely net the yummy tree.  ;-)

I hope is now, MY kids can have the great memories of picking fresh fruit off OUR trees!  I'm aiming to have a few apple trees too so I can easily make this delicious healthy crock pot Apple Butter recipe every year. (hummmm....I just had the thought, is there such thing as plum butter? I'm sure there is. :-)

I did plant a few blueberry bushes last year and was going to take a picture for you guys but I accidentally sprayed one with weed killer......yep, that plant is NOT doing so well right now - ha!  I'm just hoping the song lyrics might apply to this bush "Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger"- right?  :-)

I also want to plant some raspberry bushes. 

Can anyone tell I LOVE fresh fruit?  
(and chocolate, but that is a completely different story) hee,hee

Our landscape friend planted a bunch of ornamental strawberries as a ground cover on the sports court hill.  Amazingly, ornamental strawberries are deer resistant.  So now I'll have strawberries, blueberries and plums every night. :-)  Well, maybe not every night - but a lot. :-)

On a little side note - last weekend we had a great time in Eastern Washington at a small family reunion. 

  Here are all the cousins hanging out together at the park.

The kids fished every night.  My son is a true fisherman.....everyone else get's a bit antsy if they don't catch anything within 30 minutes.

The last day we went to a water park and had a ton of fun.  This picture collage makes me laugh....there is my daughter (left) and my nephew (right) enjoying the jump off the high dive and then there is me, completely focused and just hoping to make it down to the water in one piece. :-)

Here's to a GREAT summer for everyone!  It's just so nice when the weather warms up and the kids can enjoy the great outdoors.  I know we have quite a few camping trips coming up - it will be fun.

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