Five Ways to Make Your Backyard Awesome This Summer!

Is it just my crazy life, or does anyone else have to travel through a cardboard box every morning and night to get into their child's room?  :-)

And once you are IN, don't bother standing up because to the left is the sleeping quarters and to the right is the changing area.  This is pretty much an all crawling tunnel room from now on :-)

As much as I love fort building -  having sheets and cardboard up for weeks on end makes my life as a pretty organized mother a little bonkers. 

And then I ran into these great outdoor summer ideas! 

How about moving the fort OUTSIDE!  Just string up a rope between two trees and put sheets over it -  add a few pillows and voila!

Or build a simple A frame and build a tee pee to play in!

handmade A frame tents

Building this great little hideout with hula hoops and shower curtains sounds awesome!


Better yet - I know my kids would LOVE it if I actually set up a tent outside.  In fact, I'm sure I'd join them for an overnighter - I'm all about sleeping under the stars :-)

What do you guys think of an outdoor movie theater this summer?! 

We actually bought an outdoor theater screen but I know you can make these with pvc pipes and white vinyl or canvas clothes. 

 I found this great informational blog post on all kinds of simple DIY ideas on how to make an outdoor theater

When we used our screen it was for my son's 9th birthday party but it didn't even get dark until 9:30pm so we had to improvise. We ended up putting it in our shop earlier in the day and the kids played race car wii games against each other FULL size for hours!

These really are not that expensive to buy new!

I love the idea of building a super simple tree house too!

A kid (or mom) could hang out there all day. :-)

directions on apartment therapy 

And this last one is JUST FOR FUN! :-) :-)

And THAT my friends is how to make your backyard AWESOME this summer :-)

Whatcha think? :-) Ready for SUMMER?!

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