Update on Backyard Home Sports Court (Pickleball)

Hello Friends!

The Pickleball Sports Court Saga Continues :-)

Well, we just got a slab of concrete poured!  For those who have been following the blog, you know the sports court tile company (Flex Court) told us they believed we would not have to pour to make their tiles work but unfortunately, over the "ok'd" compacted crushed gravel compound the pickleball wouldn't even bounce.  (I have to say, did the sports court people REALLY not know it wouldn't work? SIGH, we had LOTS of other problems dealing with that company too, one of them being we ordered the tiles in March and received them in July - yep)

backyard pickleball court
Compacted gravel compound - this does not work.

So, with a very expensive (unexpected) extra cost added to the project, we poured concrete. :-)

It was interesting to see how it was all done :-)

concrete slab for pickleball court

This is what the sport court tiles looked liked delivered to us.  I have to admit I was thinking OH MY, this looks like a very BIG project! :-)

And it was :-) :-)  

Seriously, it was like a giant puzzle!  You started in the center and then followed the lines piecing the tiles together.  It took us a little over 5 hours - my husband realistically inform me that in general, it should have gone a LOT faster as he was sure people would have more than 1 1/2 men working on the project.   

Ummm yes, he credited me as only HALF a man - hee, hee.  FINE, whatever! :-) 

pickleball court instillation

We finished up the court around 10pm and honestly the last few pieces we couldn't even see because it was so dark out (but that didn't stop this 1/2 a man!) :-)

And the VERY next day, I caught a buck and a doe casually strolling on the newly laid court - so much for the new bright colors scaring them away!  (OK, it's fun to have deer in our yard, just not when they eat my newly planted bushes) :-)

backyard pickleball sports court

My husband and I played our very first game that next night and what do you think this 1/2 a man did???? 

 YEP, I beat him 6 to 11 (OK I'm giggling just a bit) :-)

What did he expect though?  I won a medal at the championship pickleball tournament I just played in, I'm not going to let myself lose to a FULL man ;-)

championship game winner
My son encouraging me on :-)

Alright, if I'm honest, I know that in about 2 weeks of playing every night, he will probably be better than me but I'm OK with that.....he'll enjoy sleeping out in the hammock.  Hee,hee.....no, I'm a better sport than that......maybe  :-)

As soon as all the landscape and rock are in (we actually have a few more big landscape things to do)  I'll show you the completed court and maybe a pickleball video. :-)

We did buy this fantastic portable pickleball net - it's been GREAT!

Paddletek pickleball company is sending me 3 paddles to review.  I am very excited as Paddletek is known for having excellent pickleball paddles.

If anyone is reading this post contemplating instillation of sport court tiles in their own backyard you can see how the pickleball didn't bounce over the gravel with a short video on my You Tube channel

You can see lots of stunning backyard landscape ideas in this post.

*EDIT:  You can go over to the Completed Pickleball Sports Court post to see it all complete, landscape and all :-)

ENJOY the weekend my friends!
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  1. Hi, I also have a Flexcourt on concrete tat I wanted to use for pickle ball. Unfortunately the bounce is not consistent enough to play on. If the pickle ball lands in the center of a tile I get a good bounce but on any seam or worse on a corner the bounce is almost non-existent. If I push with my finger on the center of a tile it feels firm but on the corner there is about 1/16" of give where the tile is slightly raise. When the ball lands there I get no bounce. Are you seeing this as well? Or are my tiles defective? Would appreciate any advice. Thanks, richjie@cox.net

  2. Hi Rich, I do not know how I missed this comment! Yes, the flex court has been awful. There are tons of dead spots on a court especially when the weather gets a little cooler. If it was my court that I was going to be using for pickleball I'd throw away all are $2,000 worth of tiles and just play over the concrete. But my husband uses the court to to play basketball which it works just fine with a basketball and he likes the look of it so I'm stuck with playing pickleball on a court that half the time we have to say "do over". It really is such a shame. I don't know if other tiles from another company would be this awful but I would never advise anyone to go with the flex Court company ever!


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