The PICKLEBALL Sports Court Completed!

YES my friends, the sports court is finally completed :-)

I have to laugh......we thought it would be done at the beginning of summer, but HEY, life never goes as planned so having it finished before snow hits the ground works too ;-)

The landscaper did a BEAUTIFUL job and if it wasn't for all the awful issues with the FlexCourt company (who provided our sports tiles, I don't recommend them) it would have been completed a lot earlier.

We bought a great high quality portable net.  We store it in the winter and we can take it with us when we travel.

The pavers that match our back patio really added a nice finishing touch. :-)

One of my favorite things about the court is how much family/friend time we spend on it.  At least 3-4 times a week my husband and I see who can beat the other person in a game of pickleball.   When we have company over we always get them to try at least one game.  Of course, whenever my son's friends come over the FIRST thing they want to do is play on the court.

My son and his buddies playing pickleball.

I also LOVE the fact that even though we didn't have full grown trees to put a hammock on, we just inserted posts in the ground and VOILA, an inexpensive hammock stand!  I have found that some people enjoy the hammock even more than the court! ;-)

I found that INDOOR balls worked so much better on sports tiles.  The sports tiles have so much grip on the surface that if you use the hard outdoor balls they do not play at all like a normal outdoor concrete court would.  Using the indoor balls made a huge difference.  (thank goodness!)

I also want to mention the great companies that gave me pickleball paddles to review and try out on the court.

Paddletek gave me 4 awesome paddles - my favorite out of the four is The Elements
My tournament partner's favorite Paddletek paddle was the Power Pro (like the name suggests, it has lots of power due to the weighted top)

Selkirk paddles is an upcoming superb pickleball paddle company.  In fact, the paddle they gave me to review (the 300A XL),  I used in a tournament last weekend AND WON! :-)  

Grand Champion in the Spokane USAPA regulated tournament.  
My husband now calls me the "The Pickleball Queen" ha!

In case you want to see up-close what my shirt says here it is. (Oh boy, this is really starting to look like one of my Fess Up posts! Ha!)  

One other company that gave me a paddle to review is Paddleboardz ergo-grip pickleball paddle. I think this would be a smart one to try if you are dealing with tennis elbow.  I know the creator and the owner of the company had his tennis elbow go away after using this paddle.  It's different, but there might even be some shots that you could hit better than with your standard shape paddle! Check out Pickleball Central.

OH, and somehow I also got into the paper: "Tickled to Talk Pickleball". Yep, should have saved this for a Fess Up post - hahaha!

"See Pickle" - this makes me least my RELISH the Moment shirt is making more sense to a few of you. ;-) 

Overall, I am thrilled with investing in a backyard sports court (and let me tell you, it was an investment! ugggh!) I know it will be used for MANY years to come.

Now who wants to come over and play a game of PICKLEBALL!!!! :-)
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  1. I had someone contact me asking how the ball bounces on the new sports court tiles......I thought I would write my answer on here too incase someone else was interested:

    "Hi Dink Sports :-) It's interesting, because of the plastic "grip" the sports tiles have, it causes the ball to grab onto the court more than say a wood floor or smoother concrete would. You really notice it when someone puts a lot of spin on their shot. The bounce has been fine though except we noticed that when it gets colder and the plastic tiles contract, there are a few annoying dead spots. (in the heat when the tiles have expanded this doesn't seem to be a problem) The company says that the longer we have the tiles the better the overall play will be. (?) 100% honesty, I wish we just painted over the concrete but my husband loves the clean cut look of the sports court tiles. It's not going to hurt my pickleball game, if anything it will improve it because I have to have extra fast reflexes to be prepared for the bounce/spin you get on that tile. I'll be ready to play on any condition court outside or inside."

  2. Beautiful Court!
    We wish you all a blessed 2016,

  3. Wow! It's really beautiful. How much you expend for make this pickleball court? I am also so much interested to make such kind of court on the back side of my house. Please tell me in details. Thanks. :) pickleball strategy


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