Pergola Vine Ideas - Glamorizing Once Again

Hey Friends :-)

I thought I would try to squeeze in one last landscape project before I wake up to SNOW on the ground.  I LOVE looking at snow. (Notice I said LOOKING :-)  If there is snow on the ground, there should be a mom rule where I am able to stay home cuddled up in a blanket on the sofa with the fire going while I sip my coffee and read a good book.  (And I'd love to be a millionaire and sit on tropical beaches the rest of my life too.)  Hee, in sadly, NOT going to happen.  OH WELL.  Yes, snow will be on the ground any day now and I am going to have to drive in it and delight myself in the fact that I may never feel warm again - hahaha! 

Anyway :-)  Back to the pergola vines!  I hit the 50% off Fall sale at a local nursery and looked at a variety of vines.  As much as I would love something as romantic as Wisteria, they don't grow very well here due to how cold it is.  (and I've been told the flowering season is incredibly short.) I also knew I needed something HEARTY and fast growing. (I'm not that patient!) If it could bear fruit and have smelly flowers I would be jumping up and down in excitement.  


I found this - a Hardy Kiwi Vine! :-)

Honestly, I have NO idea what I'm doing but it said it was FAST growing, hearty, great for our zone, bears FRUIT and had smelly white flowers.  :-)

SOLD!! (at 50% off!)

So, to start off my project I had to figure out how to get the vines growing right up against my pergola.  We have pavers so I assumed I'd just grab a kitchen gadget and remove a few tiles.  (I'm KNOW you have done this yourself - right? Or am I the only one that uses kitchen gadgets for heavy duty landscaping? ;-)

All to say, RUINED the BBQ fork utensil.....I looked around in our shop and found a pickaxe....although still probably not the right tool,  it worked a bit better :-)

Of course, I didn't like the way it looked by simply removing the pavers so I had holes cut in a planter I had laying around.

My theory is that the vine roots will find their way to the bottom and then into the ground.  :-)

Of course I used our swivel top kitchen barstool as my ladder to tie up the vines - hee,hee.  I totally have problems! 

(My daughter is crazy!  Love her.)


(yep, she's still in the picture!)


What do you think??!!  

I have high hopes for these little green things :-)  I will for sure keep you updated and CROSS MY FINGERS this won't end up in a Fess Up post later on - ha!

Actually, talking about FESS UPS :-)  Did anyone notice how my Completed Pickleball Court post at first came out with no completed pickleball court pictures?  /-:

That's because I accidentally pushed the PUBLISH button even before I finished writing the post, let alone even TOOK pictures of the completed sports court.  (My face totally turned bright red as I realized I pressed "publish" instead of "save" :-)  I couldn't change anything and it went out to all 1400 subscribers automatically.  Oh well!  

Here is the sports court completed, landscape and all!  Woo whoo :-)  If you want to go back to the original pickleball post you can see even more added pictures :-)

And one of my favorite features - the hammock :-)

You can see the other "glamorizing" the pergola posts here:

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ENJOY the rest of the day my friends!!

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