On a QUEST for a Great Protein Bar

I just received a box of Quest Nutrition Protein Bars

Has anyone else tried these things??  OH MY WORD, they are stinkin good!  Honestly, once the box arrived I hid them from my husband.  (yep, I sure did) I just didn't want him eating all of them - haha!!

One day I didn't put them back in the "secret spot" and he saw them and said "OH, you got your box of Quest bars!" He went right on to eat one and give one to his friend that was with him.  Oh well :-)  

If you are not familiar with Quest Protein Bars I'll give you some highlights.  

  • High Protein (at least 20g in each bar) and they use the high quality stuff, no cheap whey or soy blends

  • Low carb - each Quest bar has high fiber and only 2-7 active carbs with no added sugar

  • It's not filled with JUNK! It has NO FILLERS and you can actually read all the ingredients!  Surprisingly, the ingredient list is fairly short (just the way I like it)

So far, my favorite is the COOKIES AND CREAM.  I can't tell you the last time I had an oreo cookie (OK, that's not true, it was at last year's New Years Party and I broke off the top and just ate the middle with one side.  I got in a lot of trouble for eating my oreos that way.) I guess something about wasting the oreos :-)

All to say, eating this bar is totally guilt free and just as good or better as a real oreo cookie.  (For sure a LOT better for you!!!)  

oreo cookie protein bar

I LOVE the added "oreo" pieces added for texture to the bar. 
(Remember this is FULL of protein and no sugar!) 

They have some YUMMY looking RECIPES on their website - They show you tons of things you can make using the bars as a base.  

quest protein bar cookie recipe

And for those that are just ITCHING to get crafty (yes, I do know most my readers enjoy a good craft) you can also take their oreo cookie bar and create your own spotted dog figurine.  MWAHHAHAHA! 

 OK, that was SO UNCALLED FOR but I had a lot of fun making it.  :-)

quest oreo cookie dog figureine

Quest OREO cookie dog with a Quest Protein Peanut Butter Cup and White Chocolate Raspberry dog bone!

quest protein bar playdough

They waited with longing in their eyes for me to finish up my puppy so they could DEVOUR it!  

When I asked the little boy if I could eat the tail off the dog his response was. "No, this is just way too good to share."  HAHAHA!!  (told you so!)

After trying ALL the bars, here are my my top 5:
1.) Cookies and Cream - just can't beat the "oreo cookie" pieces inside

2.) Cookie Dough - love the chunks!
3.) Coconut Cashew - basically I just LOVE coconut 
4.) White Chocolate Raspberry - again, can't beat the white chocolate chunks.
5.) Banana Nut Muffin - very yummy with a cup of coffee

Runner up was the Chocolate CHUNK because....well, you guys can guess - I loved the chunks - haha!

ENJOY the rest of the week my friends! 

You can pick up Quest bars at most health food stores like GNC, Super Supplements and of course Amazon.  

Quest sent me a few boxes to try but the opinions are my own.  Actually, I asked them to send me samples because I liked the bars so much! For those interested you can see my full disclosure policy here.


  1. I did a double take when I came to the pictures of the kids and I was like, "ha, that looks like my kid… wait, I think that is my kid… wait, that's TWO of my kids… when were my kids at her house while she made protein bar dog figurines?!" HA! So funny. Only you would think of that. Super creative! ;)

    1. Ha! I was going to warn you but thought a surprise was better- hee,hee! The bars were a hit (: or maybe the dog figurine was? Either way, they had fun!!


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