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Hi Friends!

Every once in a while, there is a home decor accessory that seems to be TIMELESS and always looks great no matter where you put it.  Yes, decorating with clocks is definitely timeless (hee,hee) but lately I've noticed so many GREAT decor ideas using old iron/wood lanterns as that timeless, classic accessory.

Let's take a look and be INSPIRED! 

I love how they filled the lantern cage with ambient candles.  When I went to New Hampshire my friend had some electric candles that I inserted into a lantern she had hanging around her home.  

The BEFORE and AFTER pictures!

And for us COLD weather folks (the snow is non stop here!) look how COZY the lanterns make this front porch dusted with snow.  I am not sure there is a better accessory for creating a rustic and homey ambiance. 

How about inserting a plant into a lantern base - it could look like a mini terrarium!  Laura from The Given Life said she used a .99 cent fern from Michaels craft store.

I LOVE this fun outdoor picture below. How creative to use old wine barrels as side tables - it fits perfectly.  And look how much the lanterns add to this setting! 

Here is another BEFORE and AFTER of my NH friends console table fully accessorized.

Take a look - Up close you can see we used a cute decorative lantern with an automatically lit tealight.  You can usually buy great accessory lanterns at Michaels Craft Store. Don't forget to grab a 40% off coupon by doing a Google search before you head out to that store!

Decorating with lanterns can warmly enhance ANY outdoor space.

And only because I mentioned CLOCKS to be another timeless accessory - I had to add this super fun, GIANT kitchen clock.

And this BEAUTIFUL country living back porch clock!

What is your favorite "timeless" home decor accessory?  



  1. Hi there! In one of your tuscan entryway photos, you used a round wicker basket. I tried finding it...but where? Love the little horse on top of table too!
    Thank you!

    1. I am not sure exactly where to find the one in the picture but you can always go to thrift stores and antique stores to find really unique accessories. In some states they have GREAT flea markets. I got my cool horse at an antique shop. Keep looking and have some fun with collecting things :-)


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