Our Sweet Little Cock-a-mutt Puppy :-)

Well, I am not quite sure how it happened......

But we got ANOTHER dog.

What if I just told you guys that I wanted another one so my house could look SUPER SNAZZY like the ones below?

Now if I could only get my husband to dress like that too,  HAHAHA!  For anyone who knows my husband, that is NOT ever going to happen :-)

Anyway, that wasn't why we got her :-)

We got it for my daughter.  (What we do for our children, huh.)

A little puppy for a little girl :-)

Two little sleepy heads :-)

We were told it was a Cockapoo (insert huge laugh) but once we got to the ladies house, it didn't matter if it was a cock-a-mutt......my daughter fell in love and we paid the Cockapoo price. :-) (I'm pretty sure it's a Lab Cocker Spaniel mix)

She's adorable and a great puppy.  

 I'm firmly believing that our TWO dogs will add lots of PIZAZZ to any home decor photo I display on the blog. Hee,hee.

I mean you have to agree, my Persian rug looks so much fancier with her on it - right?? Bwwahahahah!

Here's to all the parents out there that never wanted ANY pets but keep adding to the list because, well.........you know. :-)


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