About Me

The purpose of my blog is to:

1.) Have fun

2.) Stir those creative juices in YOU

3.) Motivate me to do more projects!


So glad you've stopped by my blog :-)  

I'm Selina, an interior designer by degree, artist by heart, and classical musician by years of practicing!  I am married to a wonderful structural engineer and have three children (right now ages 12, 10 and 6). My daughter would want me to add we have a GoldenDoodle dog Duke and a pet mouse Cutie :-)

How this all started - Carpe Diem!

A few years ago I was questioned by a press person regarding a design challenge I won

She asked, "Do you have a website?" I had to respond, "Well, ummmm no, I don't have anything!" 

How am I suppose to "seize the day" without embracing this world of technology? 

So here begins my Blog, Pinterest and Facebook page "Creative Juices for Decor". 

I plan to showcase my work as a designer and American Clay applicator with a little LOT of miscellaneous thrown in there so that the next time I get asked if I have a link to some of my work I can say well YES, in fact I do.

If you have any questions please contact me: selina@fusemail.com

If you are another blogger and would like to get some exposure by guest posting on my blog, send me over your craft/DIY idea.  If it's a good fit, I'm happy to post it! 

Please see: OldWorldWalls for specific American Clay posts .

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You can see my full disclosure policy here.
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